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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The post man in my best friend!!

Last year I did a post about wanting to send some artwork in to Sommerset Studio magazine. Well, I procrastinated so long that I decided they were not the pieces I wanted to submit for my first try. I did however, come up with something else and finally took the plunge and sent them in. One was for Halloween, and one was for Christmas. I was thrilled when I got the email from Christen Olivarez saying they wanted to put the Halloween piece in the Sept/Oct issue and they wanted me to write an article to accompany the artwork. Then, I got a little panicky. Write an article?? Oh ****!!! Well, with a little help from my hubby (who is a wonderful writer) I got it done and sent it off.
I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the magazine for weeks now! Finally the postman delivered it to me yesterday.

It's a pretty exciting thing to see myself in print. It's interesting to see how different photographers capture things on film. I'm just so pleased with everything, and so very grateful to be in the magazine.

I'm looking forward to getting it back from them (hopefully before Halloween) and displaying it in my home for the Halloween Season. Speaking of which.... It may be time for me to start working on some new Halloween projects. There are some wonderful ideas to be found in the pages of this issue!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

What I do for fun...

Oh my goodness! I have been away much to long! But truly I think it was a much needed break!
We have been so busy with the house here I barely have had time to think of anything else! (Although I have managed! LOL!) The bedroom is still not finished because we decided to replace all the yuchy molding and doors etc.. and we are doing it all ourselves on weekends so it's taking ffffffooooorrrrreeeevvvveeeeerrrrr!!! But in the mean time I was able to work on the living room with some fun stuff. I've been wanting linen curtains in there for a while now, and the burlap curtains got old pretty quickly. So I went to JoAnne and bought a linen blend that can be washed and dried in the machines. The fabric was only 7.99 a yard and with a 40% off coupon it was really affordable. I bought some shirring tape at Hobby Lobby and not only used it in the linen drapes but I also sewed it to some sheers to keep the look consistent. I still want to paint the rod and rings tan instead of that dark mahogany that they are now, but that will wait until I pull everything down to paint the walls and lighten them up a bit. ( That comes in a couple weeks) So now I had 6 yards of burlap to play with.

I finally hung the chandelier my friend Julie gave me (which I left the original brass color instead of painting it white), and added a burlap chandelier cord. I think it took 12 yards worth of cord to go all the way up and down to the socket! Needless to say... there was burlap fuzz everywhere that day!

The other burlap project came from a post that Flea Market Trixie did on her blog several months ago. Then she gave the directions how to do it, and I had to try! The grain sacks are soooo expensive for the real thing! It came out so well, my husband came home and said "where did you get the old french grainsack!" I wanted to play with him and tell him it was only $300.00 but I didn't want to give him a heart attack!

This is a garage sale table that I got last year and I finally got around to painting it! Lisa's beautiful bottle looks perfect there! I also finally painted the dark brown frame that surrounded this beautiful landscape I bought several years ago. It's amazing how much painting I can do when I am able to do it on the concrete floor in my bedroom!

I still have lots of burlap left over so I got a little quirky the other night and wrapped it around my candlesticks with some silver wire and old keys. My husband thinks I'm weird... maybe he's right.

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