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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet Salvage Pre-Show Party!

 Wednesday evening my hubby and I were invited to attend Sweet Salvage's first ever preview party. It was a wonderful event and perfect for anyone who wishes they could see the magic before it is disturbed by avid shoppers. :) No shopping that night, but lots of eye candy!!!
 There was a lovely buffet catered by Postino's

And everyone had a lovely time mingling. I met Dawn from Bohemian Valhalla and Pamela from Free Vintage Digital Stamps. Both women were so sweet and charming, I was really bummed I didn't think to get a pic of us. (If you want to see all the really creepy Halloween vignettes from the evening,  go check out Dawns blog. She did an excellent post about the event. )

Fall was definitely in the air at "The Wicked Faire"!! (even though it was still 105 degrees) LOL.

 I fell in love with this pair of stained glass windows!

 They had a wonderful selection of silver trays this month of all different sizes

  How cute would these be in an entry way???

 For those who love Halloween, there were lots of wonderful displays.

 Those are all crows hanging from the ceiling!!

This display in the men's bathroom caused quite a buzz!!!!

 There are always so many wonderful vignettes and goodies to look at, I always have to go around several times to see it all!

 I (heart) these. :)

I'm loving these colors!!!
Well, that's it. There was so much to see, and i hope if you get the chance you will pop on over there.
The event goes on for 2 more days, and I understand they bring new things in every night!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Flea Market

 Saturday my friend Sandie and I went to the "Junk in the Trunk" Vintage Flea Market at Westworld. I gotta admit, I felt like a dummy when I found out they have been happening just 15 minutes from my house for over a year!!! There were lots of vendors and all had something wonderful to buy.

Can you image the amount of time it took to make these wings??? I wish I had gotten the name of this vendor. If you know, shoot me an email and I'll put her link up!

 This is Judy's booth from Vintage Street Designs. She takes great old pieces of furniture and gives them new life with a paintbrush and her creative talents.

I loved this stenciled burlap pin board.

 There's Sandie buying vintage ephemera while I checked out this old milk can. It was cool, but a little out of my budget for the day. :)
 I did however find some adorable headbands made by Eve of Chic Headband.
Eve was so sweet, and I loved her headbands. I wanted something that was cute, and dressed up my hair when I didn't feel like doing anything with it. These fit the bill perfectly!!!

Well, I didn't come home with very much on this little trip, but I sure had a good time!
I'll be at the next show for sure!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Miracles DO happen!!!!!

 This is a photo of my kitchen from a few years ago. It has been the subject of much debate in my house ever since we moved in 12 years ago. I have been trying convince my hubby that the dark oak cabinets were dated and unattractive and just didn't fit the style of our home.. but his standing answer was always the same. "I like them. You don't paint hard wood" Argh!!!!!!!!!! But for the last couple of years, every few months I try again. Last year we came to a compromise, and he let me paint the inset panels. (I'll show you those photos when I do the reveal) But, it still wasn't right.  I've been collecting photos on my pinterest board to show him photos of clean white kitchens and his response has always been... "I'll think about it."  Again... Argh!!!!!!! 
Then last week I found this photo on Pinterest. It comes from a blog called The Money Pit andit turned out to be the answer to my dreams!!! I showed it to my hubby because as you can see, she had the same 1980's cabinetry as I do. "Just look at the transformation honey, Think of how much cleaner and fresher and more modern the kitchen will look. " And with one last ditch effort I said... "Pleeeeeease!!!!!!!!"

The angels must have really felt sorry for me because I think they came down and touched my hubby and whispered in his his ear. "Go ahead and let her paint those cabinets Steve. It will make her so happy."

And at that point, a miracle happened. My stubborn sweet hubby finally said okay!!!!
(Insert the sound of Angels singing)

So,  for the last several days, I have been slowly painting my kitchen. As soon as it is finished I will show you all the before and after pics, but in the mean time, here are a few from my pinterest board to show you more of my inspiration.

From the blog Solsjo

From the blog Velvet and Linen

From the blog My Sweet Savannah

I'm so excited, to finally be able to do this!!! It will definitely not be a weekend project, but I am hoping to show you the results in less than a month!!

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