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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank you, for such a great WBC year!

 I want to take a minute to thank all of you who left such wonderful comments for me on my Where Bloggers Create post. My cheeks were blushing and my head was swelling!!!  It sounds like everyone had (and are still having) a wonderful time enjoying all the studios that participated in this years event.
I myself, am still trying to work my way through the list and still have a long way to go!!
I am in the process of linking all the studio posts to the Where Bloggers Create blog where they will remain there until next years party.

Speaking of next years party... I have a question for you all. Since the party is fresh in everyone's mind, I would like to ask your opinion.  For several years now I have debated on whether to change the format of the party and use a service like McLinky instead of listing all the blogs ahead of time on my sidebar. I have avoided this, because... well.... I guess I'm a little bit of a control freak. :)
I have had people in the past try to sign up for the party that were really just trying to get free advertising on their site, and weren't really playing within the spirit of the event.

That being said... what can be even more frustrating is going to the blogs who have signed up, only to find that they have completely forgotten and there is no party post to be found. 

Basically what I need to know is this... would you prefer that everyone link up their party posts after they are already published, or should we continue to do it they way it's been done for the last 5 years??

Thanks for your input!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet Salvage... Now Showing!

As far as creativity goes, this months Sweet Salvage event was one of the best ever. The theme was "Now Showing" and was filled with wonderful vignettes that captured the feel of some really wonderful movies.
This is a long post so, be prepared!!!

 I suppose it's pretty obvious what this theme was huh???

 There were so many wonderful creative touches to this display... from bikes and furniture flying through the air...
 ...to sweet farmhouse style vignettes.

 There was a wonderful Dorothy style blue and cotton check dress on a mannequin here to, but the image was too blurry, so didn't use it. :(

 One of my personal favorites, was This display from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
(Also one of my favorite movies)

 There were wonderful subway art pieces as well as this cool chair to evoke the feel of England.

 This room was done perfectly to reflect the wintery world of Narnia, complete with Aslan himself!!!

 Bond. James Bond. Seriously... there will always only be Sean Connery for me. :)

 This room was filled with some really wonderful, and masculine pieces.

 And for anyone who was totally jealous of all the awesome apothecary cabinets and card catalog storage pieces that we saw on the Where Bloggers Create tour... these would have been a perfect addition to your studio!

 Next, we have the magic of Practical Magic...

 This table was stunning in person! A perfect combination of zinc and wood.

Isn't she fabulous???

 Looking to do a kitchen or dining room??? This was the place to be!!

 I've never seen the movie "The Secret Garden,"  but I can just use my imagination.  This area was filled with such beautiful floral and garden goodies, I wanted to build a garden room onto my house and fill it up!!

I just love garden things.

 The last room on my little tour reflects the romance of the post Edwardian era and the movie Titanic.

 This dress was gorgeous, and I am told came from the estate of an actual Titanic survivor.

 An extra special treat this month, was having a very dapper gentleman all dressed up in a tux playing the piano for everyone while they shopped.

Well I hope you enjoyed our little journey through Hollywood and some wonderful movies.
There's still time to go see what beauties they have for you!!
Sweet Salvage will be open all weekend!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2013!

Hello my friends and welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2013!
I can't believe this is party number 5!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time hopping through the studios this year. We have a lot of first timers, so be sure and give them some love!!
It may take me a while to visit everyone who is participating, but I'll get there eventually!

For many of you, this will not be the first time you've seen my studio, but there are some minor changes this year so hopefully you will enjoy seeing them. :)
 This is the view you see as you walk into the room. I added this wonderful wire hamper recently and I use it hold projects that I'm working on, but have temporarily set aside for the time being. It also holds the over flow of my lace and doilies as I search for just the right piece.

This little area is filling up with lots of wonderful goodies and gifts given to me by friends.
Some of them I hang on the twisty wire on the window treatment, and others just go into vignettes.

 The cubes under the window hold scrapbook paper and were white when I bought them. I decoupaged old book pages to them, to give them a different look. The boxes above them are just photo boxes from Michaels, and  are a little hint of the changes I made to the room.
(I know... it's very subtle)

Have you guessed what it is??? I added a little bit more color to the room! I know many of you are laughing right now going... color? Seriously?? But, trust me... you'll see more color than I have ever had in here! LOL!
I got this lamp (like all my lamps) at a garage sale. It was one of those old brass lamps that looked really dated. I just sprayed it with a few coats of spray paint, and covered the shade in fabric and presto! and new lamp for my studio.

 This is the view from my desk. I do love being in here and even come in to watch tv sometimes when I don't even have a project going.

I love this printers tray.  I got it at one of the Sweet Salvage shows. I leave it on my desk all the time and it holds little charms and doodads that make me smile.
At some point they will all most likely find their way into a project.

 This is the display box that sits under the window.  I originally made it as a terrarium in the kitchen, but it has since found a home here in my studio. If you'll like to see how I made it you can click here.
I like to swap out the vignettes every once in while.

 One of my favorite new additions sits on my desk and holds my most used tools and supplies. Previously I had one of the great lazy susan tool holders from JoAnne, but it was getting so packed I couldn't get to what I needed easily.

 Viola from Shabby Chic Inspired, made a wonderful tin can caddy that is all over Pinterest.
I loved her idea but needed mine to be a bit heavier than the tin cans so they wouldn't fall over when I put something top heavy in them. I made mine out of glass pickle relish jars, salsa jars, etc... They are perfect for holding everything I need. I love having a place to store my glue upside down so it is always ready to go!

 I made the pin cushion simply by stuffing a piece of fabric with fiber fill and then using a rubber band to close it up. It just squishes into the opening and stays there quite nicely. I store extra pins in the jar underneath the pin cushion.

 I have an ever growing love affair with my seam binding. I crinkle and stain it, and use it in almost all of the projects. I wanted to display it out on the desk so I wrapped it around home made cardboard spools and put it in a silver dish.

 I love this wall in my studio, cause I do love collections!!! All my buttons are just an arms reach away, and I store more of my pretty lace in the cubbies above my desk.

 Those are just some of the books that  I have made. I've taught several classes on them and recently created a pdf tutorial on how to make them.  
 If you would like to take a look you can check it out here.

 My bookcase is filled with yummy fabrics for me to play with.

 I made this door organizer recently to replace the old one. It's a lot girly-er than the previous one and I just love it.

My apothecary jars now hold  scraps of lace that are too small to hang or roll up in the cubbies.

 I love hanging the lace on hooks so I can easily see what I have. And look... more color!!

This cabinet came from Ikea a couple of years ago and was red when I bought it. I painted all the pieces before it was put together. It made painting it so much easier!! I drilled some holes through the lower portion and put a dowel through them so I would have a convenient place to store my rolls of seam binding.

 I decoupaged the inside with all kinds of vintage ephemera and it now holds jars and containers of little charms and doodads, scrapbooking metals, and my color wash inks and sprays. I tried keeping them in a drawer but after a leaky fiasco I decided upright was best!!

This banner has been hanging in my studio for several years. It pretty much says it all doesn't it?? We all seem to have an overwhelming desire to do so and I am very proud and very grateful to be a part  of such a wonderful community of creative and talented women.

Thank you all so much for joining me here in my studio. You are all inspiring in one way  or another, whether you share yourselves through a blog or are one of the many who just come to visit. You are all appreciated so much!!!

Have fun at the party!!!!

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