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Monday, November 28, 2011

A glitter bomb went off in my studio!!!

 I've been working like a crazy person trying to juggle work, husband,  housework, garden maintenance and studio time. As a result... the typical cleaning that happens between projects is NOT happening. It looks like a tinsel and glitter bomb went off in there!!!!

Here are just a few of the ornaments I've been making for  my tree....

 Its finally getting to the place were I want it to be. Every year I seem to run out of steam and never seem to make all the things I want to. Now of course I've discovered Pinterest and the overwhelming amount of ideas is just adding more pressure!!! LOL!!!

I hope you are all having fun creating for your holiday!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Salvage for me!!!!!

You know that feeling when you walk into a new shop and your heart starts pounding with excitement because you know you are going to find wonderful goodies??

Today was the day for Sweet Salvage's monthly occasional sale here in Phoenix. This has become a day I look forward to every month because the displays are always so inspiring and the merchandise is always fabulous. It's different every time I go! This time Christmas was definitely in the air!!!
 I don't know why, but I adore silver balls all gathered together in cool containers!

 Magnolia Pearl for the bohemian in all of us!

 I think a tree would be fabulous in the baby buggy!

 I wanted everything in this suitcase.

 Wouldn't that be nice????

 I loved the silver bells under this reindeer. 

 That suitcase almost went home with me.

 Spools of yarn and string are functional and beautiful!

 We should all do this a lot more.

 Fun little goodies were tucked away every where.

 I loved these shoes hanging in front of the mirror. Makes me wish I had been a ballerina when I was a child.

 That chair was fabulous in person!

 Wonderful ribbon that I can't believe I failed to take home with me!!! (and the box is really cool too.)

 There's that buggy again!!!

 Another great idea for a small tree holder.

 Love this...
 The skates where awesome and almost came home with me, when one of the girls showed me a child's size pair... those DID come home with me!!!

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and you love this kind of stuff, RUN to Sweet Salvage on 7th today, tomorrow or Saturday. It is sooo worth it!

Give me a day or two to play with my new goodies, and I'll show you what I bought!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Angels and Snowmen

 This is the time of year when I really enjoy being in the studio. I get to make things that I normally wouldn't make the rest of the year. After making the last bottle angel I had so much fun, I had to make her a friend. She got  a rusty star ornament for her halo and wooden scrolly wings.

 Now I just have to find a place to put them!! (They may wind up staying with me in my studio since I don't really have any Christmas decor in here) Once again she was made from covering an old bottle with old bits of lace and encaustic wax.

 I've also been having fun embellishing a "vintage" snowman I got at TJMaxx last week. He was cute, but not exactly what I wanted. His aqua colors just didn't go with the decor of my house and he was... well... just to simple for my taste! So here he is "before"....

And here he is "after." I love the way he turn out! He will be getting a prime position on my mantle this year along with a few other snowmen I have collected.

On another note.... I have finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon!!! I heard about Pinterest a year and a half ago while attending the first Creative Connection Event. I got home and sent them an email requesting an invitiation. I got.... nothing. So I tried again and got .... nothing.  So I gave up and forgot about it. Then over the past few months I kept hearing from everyone how awesome it was! So I tried again and got... NOTHING!!! Finally after lamenting to my friend Charlene from My Hearts Ease about how Pinterest didn't want me, she sent me an invitation and presto!!! I am now officially addicted!!!! (thanks Charlene)

I have been having so much fun! The photos that are out there are amazing and can put all my favorites in one place to look at whenever I want to! It's also wonderful for saving tutorials and projects that inspire you so you will be able to find them again later.  If anyone is interested in seeing the boards I have created you can click here or on my new Pinterest link on the left sidebar.

Have a wonderful week my friends!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Bottle Angel and a new look for me!

The inspiration for Christmas in Blogland is abundant and I have been very excited about getting back in the studio and creating for the season. I love Christmas time and decorating for the holiday is one of my favorite things to! Because I have been having fun altering bottles recently I decided to make an altered bottle angel. The bottle is covered with lace and encaustic wax. The wings were made from an old cork coaster that I cut in half and then scalloped the edges. Then I covered it with glue and mica flakes and finally added the pearl embellishments. The head is an old round drawer pull with 2 glittered snowflake ornaments attached to back. A little "vintage" tinsel, some buttons and an old ornament and preso! bottle angel!! I think she needs a few friends now.

On another note... After much consideration, I finally decided to give my blog the makeover I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I had my old header for several years now and although I liked it, it did not represent who I have become. I needed a lighter fresher look so that's the direction I went.  I hope you like it!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WWC launch Party

 Last Friday I was thrilled to be invited to a launch party for the current issue of Where Women Create.
The event took place at a wonderful building in Mesa where all the women in the building were featured in the issue!

This wonderful store is called "Found" and it features the most delicious items from all over Europe and the States. Kristen Alber is the genius behind this awesome shop. (She made the cover of the magazine)
It was wonderful to see Jo Packham there. The last few times we were at an event together I never really got a chance to speak with her, so this was a rare treat.

 Kristen's shop is absolutely stunning. There is something wonderful in every corner.

 The really cool "word" art that hangs all over the shop is created by Rebecca Puig of Sugarboo, who is also featured in the issue.
This was taken in Found's "sister" store, Domestic Bliss. It is also located in the same building and is filled with more of Rebecca's Word Art.
You probably can't tell from this pic, but there is a lot more color in "Domestic Bliss" than in "Found"

 Back in "Found"... I loved these place mats. They are made of paper, disposable, and oh so cute!!And... you guessed it... Angie Cook of "Cake" is also featured in the magazine
What a fabulous idea!!!! Makes me want to start looking for vintage silver spoons!

It really was a very nice event and I am very thankful to have been invited. Several more talented women from the building are also in the magazine. It was fun to see some local gals in there!

And speaking of wonderful gals in the magazine.... Our dear friend Suzan from Old Grey Mare is in this issue too!!!!  Suzanne was one of the gals who won a spread in WWC during the Where Bloggers Create party. I know several others will be joining her soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Absolute BEST shop for Christmas!

 I know it feels early... after all, we just finished with Halloween! But as we all know, in retail Christmas really starts in November. Today I would like to share with you the most wonderful, magical store for Christmas that you will find here in Phoenix.
The shop is called Rustic Stuff. For most of the year Rustic Stuff houses beautiful furniture and accessories, with design services to boot.  Sometime around October 1st Paul and his elves transform the shop into an absolute feast of eye candy for Christmas.

 I had the pleasure of working for Paul for almost 6 years. Everything I learned about decorating a tree I learned from him.

 I've never had more fun working so hard in my life!

 Paul divides the rooms into themes, so there is something for everyone. (This one is Chocolate Mint... or is it Mint Chocolate???)

Treats and goodies without all those pesky calories!!!

 This one reminds me of Babes in Toyland...

 There are the sweetest bears that look like they are very old indeed, but without that authentic antique price tag!

 Doesn't it make you wish Christmas was all year???

I love this tree!!! The ornaments are made with doll heads and all kinds of kitchen utensils!

 There are of course lovely angels...

delightful cherubs...

 And some awesome artisan angels by Nicole Sayer. (They are REALLY reasonably priced too! )

 I really want to go back and bring her home with me.

I wish the photos could show you just how spectacular it truly is. If you feel like getting a little inspiration for Christmas, a drive to see Paul at Rustic Stuff is well worth it. The ornaments and fully decorated trees start selling from the time the decorations hit the floor. Don't wait for December... it will all be gone!!!

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