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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not Too Shabby

Well , as promised I am continuing my series of great local shops in the Phoenix area(sorry I'm a bit late)... So without further delay, I give you Not Too Shabby!!!

This super cute shop is located just south of Cactus on Cave Creek Rd. It is packed full of the most yummy things.  I loved just about everything in this store.

I really need another home, because there just isn't enough wall space, or floor space or table space to put all the things I wanted to bring home!

Even super cute clothing and accessories.

I really should have taken this pillow home with me.  :(

There are two stories. The top one is filled with all kinds of great architectural stuff. Seriously... I wanted it all.

There is a newly added room with spaces for other vendors, with just as much for the eye as everywhere else.

If you live in the Phoenix area, and haven't been by here for a visit... what are you waiting for???  There are several other cool shops right in the same shopping area, so plan on spending at least an hour or two. I promise, you will not be disappointed!!!

Update! Not too Shabby is now closed. But there is good news! You can go visit Kim (the owner) and many more creative people over at her new shop Sweet Salvage!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Share your love story!!!!

Since I have been in Blogland I have heard many stories  about the amazing and wonderful husbands we have. Some are funny, some are supportive, and some just leave us alone and let us do whatever we want to the house!!! LOL! (That's a biggie)

So I started thinking... Valentines Day is less than a month away. What a perfect time to sit down and share your love story. It can be funny, or romantic. It can tell a story or just share what makes the man in your life so special to you. It's your story, tell it however you want to!

On February 14, I will have McLinky all set up and ready to capture your stories of love and romance.
 Please grab the button on my sidebar and put it  on yours to help spread the word. The more stories there are, the more my stock in Kleenex goes up!! (just kidding)

I think this will be really fun, after all... who doesn't like a good love story???

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mystic Paper

Quite often I find myself envious of all the wonderful shops you all have in your areas. I drool over the photos wishing that we here in the Phoenix area had some too. Well, I am a doof because we DO have some yummy shops. The problem is, they are outside my 10 mile radius that I seem to keep myself in, and that's just silly!!! One of my goals for 2011 is to stop complaining about how there aren't any good shops, and get out there and visit them!!!

I am going to try to visit one or two new shops every couple of weeks and share them with you all. I wanted to shoot for once a week... but lets be realistic okay??? LOL!

The first shop on our tour is a wonderful Paper and Mixed Media art supply store called Mystic Paper.
From the moment you walk in the door you are filled with that excited little rush, that there will be treasures to find here. This is so ordinary paper crafting store. No generic, plastic store fixtures here....The surfaces that Jennifer and her team use to display all the wonderful supplies she has for sale are all gorgeous vintage and antique pieces.

Doesn't make your heart pound a little faster???

There are papers (yumm), and trinkets, found objects of all kinds for your altered art projects and all, as I said surrounded by visually stunning display pieces.

MMMM.... bottles. (This one's for you Lisa)

more paper....

more displays....

I really could have hung out there much longer, but the longer I stayed, the heavier my shopping basket became!!! Sometimes you just have to know when to quit!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  I will be visiting another local shop soon. Please, please, please if you can, remember to shop all those wonderful little shops in your town. If you don't, one day, they may not be there anymore!

Update... Unfortunately,  Mystic Paper has closed it's doors. :(
We are all hoping it will find a new home and open up again soon!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

 My first week of 2011 has been really wonderful. I began nurturing a relationship a new friend that I believe will be fabulous, had a blowout backyard barbeque to welcome home a friend who had been away much to long, had a lovely dinner party with my friend Vonda and her husband, who I love like family, had lunch with an old, and much missed friend back for only a short time, and received in the mail a sweet and wonderful Thank you gift from my blog friend Sabre'.

Needless to say, it has been a week filled with lots of warm fuzzies!!!  

Hope your 2011 is off to a warm and fuzzy start too!!!!

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