Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet Salvage-Where in the World??

 It's time for Sweet Salvage again!!   This month's theme was "Where in World". The designers took us all around the world from America to France, England and lovely tropical islands.

It was definitely a feast for the eyes this month!! (so to speak... tee hee)

 If you are looking for wonderful windows, this is a good month to go!! I also adore these wrought iron chairs.

As always, they have a great variety of garden adornments and architectural salvage outside.

 This is just inside the back door. I love everything abut it. If it's white and rusty iron... I am a fan!!!

 I think someone needs this fabulous Eiffel Tower in their garden!!

 This antique toy horse on wheels was really cool!

 I thought the painted flowers on this old window made it really pretty.

 I dont know "where in the world" this room was... but I want to stay there!

 I'll take it all please. :)


 This aqua is my current favorite color!

There are always fun things to be had in the boutique too.

 I love this wall planter!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this months virtual trip to Sweet Salvage. I definitely enjoyed seeing it myself!

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Junkin' excursion in Pa.

 Last month my sweetie and I went back to his home state of Pennsylvania to visit his family and do a little junkin' while we were there.

 We were able to go to the big Renningers Antique fair and also a great one in Shupps Grove outside of Adamstown Pa.

 The weather before we arrived and after our 3 days of shopping all day outside was beautiful. Mid to high 60's. HOWEVER... the 3 days were going to be at the shows were miserable!! A cold front came in and it was in the 30's with wind and snow flurries!!! I was cold down to my bones but we trudged on because after all... we were junkin!!!!

There were lots of vendors selling all kinds of things, but if you like primatives the east coast is definitely the place to find them.

 Another thing you find everywhere... Glass insulators!! You can also see them all up and down the train tracks where no one has "collected" them yet. :)  The turquoise ones sure are pretty when they are all together!

 The unfortunate thing about flying is that things have to be able to fit into a suitcase to get them home!!! This old apothecary cabinet was only $250!!!

 However these cabinets for sewing notions were closer to the $500 dollar range and they weren't very big. (There pretty fabulous though)

 I really have a thing for boxes right now. These old sewing machine drawers were great.

 This piece was in one of the antique shops we hit in Adamstown. There were 2 them. They came from a very old pharmacy in Pa somewhere and were dated to the 1890's. They were stunning and only $1900 each! :)

 Lots of cabinets every where, but none came with me.

This was the most amazing piece I have seen to date. It wasn't for sale, but isn't it fabulous??

 So here is my haul.. all laid out in my sister in laws living room!!

 I bought a lot of vintage Blue Ball jars with zinc tops. Some of them I am keeping for myself and some are going to shop. They are just so much cooler than the modern jars with the plain lids.

 A lot of wire came home with me too. I found of couple of great old egg baskets, and all these chicken wire cloches.

 I brought home lots of small boxes too. We just cant find these out here in Az. Many of them were vinatge cheese boxes but several were just cute little drawers too. The big drawer with all the dividers in it came from a vintage hardware store. I brought 3 of them. They are super cool in person!

 I love scales and always buy them when I can. Both of these went into the store already and sold in the first week!

 Another of my favorite finds were these frames made from vintage mouldings. They are fabulous!!
I bought 4. Only 3 of them made it into the shop!! LOL!

 Another find for me. This fabulous hanging scale. My sweetie bought it for me and it is happily hanging in my living room!

 I found lots of beautiful yard sticks in colors I am not used to seeing!! These did not fit into any suitcase we wrapped them up, and I carried them on the plane.

 I loved the graphics on this vintage soldering paste can.

 And one more find for me... I love these vintage marmalade jars from England. This one had the paper packaging and a lid!! It is already being proudly displayed with the others I have collected so far.

Well, that's my trip! A lot of this stuff is already in my space at Rusty Saturday and I will be bringing more of it in a little at a time.  Next time I'll show you pics of it in the store!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hey Arizona... Have you heard about Junk n Love???

Hey Guys... Have you heard about the Junk n Love District???
I hadn't until a few weeks ago, and the more I learn about this great resource for both shoppers and merchants, the more I like it! It's a great website to find the best home decor shops, indie artisans, vintage markets, fleas and workshops.  The site was launched here in Phoenix in April 2015. You can find 60 businesses listed in the Merchant Directory and lots of events on the event calendar with new listings being added every day.

Even though I love to go shopping and find fun places to do it, I am still clueless as to the great places there are to visit in other parts of town. I love this site because you can put in a zip code and a mile radius and it will give you a list of all the Junk n Love partners that are in that area.

The best part is that  they will soon  have a way for you to plan a road trip and hit all the partners along the way. They are only in Arizona right now, but will soon be expanding to more states.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram where they post some of the coolest things that local vendors have for sale!

Early this month I attended the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. It was an amazing show and many of the vendors there were part of the Junk N Love network. I shot a few pics while I was there!
So here are a bunch of vendors you may know and love, and maybe a few you have yet to discover!!

Steel Magnolia

Use-2-Bees Creations

Vintage Green Old Town Treasures


Winifred Street Designs

The Tattered Nest

Izzy Bella Designs
(She makes beautiful vintage inspired jewelry, but her pieces were not set up when I was there)

Zinnias at Melrose
(Those amazing wood map sculptures is Wyldebyrd Art!)

Well I hope you found some new dealers that you didn't know about! I really like this website as a resource to find local merchants and I believe the partner list will continue to grow as word gets out!

Have fun on your junkin' excursions!!!

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