Friday, April 29, 2016

Introducing the newest member of our family....

I thought you guys might like to see one of the things that has been taking up sooo much of my time lately! I would love for you to meet Cooper, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, and the newest member of our family. :)
(This is Cooper at just 12 weeks old when he first arrived home)

Here he is on the ride home from the airport where we picked him up from his first human mommy.

He took no time at all adjusting to his new home and making a place for himself on the couch.

Our first attempt at a selfie!!

He has loved exploring the backyard. I wish I had photos of him running around gleefully playing with whatever stick or branch he could find. It is truly a joy watching him absorb all the sights and sounds of his new home.

This was his favorite place to be for the first month or so that he was here. He was so little he could fit comfortably in this chair in my studio. It was wonderful because he really stayed out of the way while I was painting in there on the floor. He is too big to fit in the chair now, but he still keeps me company in the studio and somehow knows to stay out of the paint!

I just love this photo. I caught him making a nice little place for himself in my rag box!! LOL!

He is about 4 and 1/2 months here and you can see some of the "baby" has left his face.

He has been a joy to live with and has filled an empty hole in our hearts after losing our sweet boy Rocky to cancer back in September. I was afraid to get another Welshie because I was worried he would remind me too much of Rocky, but their personalities are so different it hasn't been a problem.

It's funny... as I look at all these photos, he looks like such a serious puppy! He is not. :) He is silly and playful and really just a big goof ball! I think that serious expression is a Welshie trait.

I am going to go hug my babies now, and spend some time training. The weather has been gorgeous lately and will continue to be so, for another couple of weeks. Gotta go enjoy it while I can!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pretty Things for my Booth

 I feel so blessed to be able to do the things that I love. As you know, junking is one of those things. Repurposing or bringing something back to be loved by someone else is another... and of course, decorating!!

I get to do all those things everyday in my space at the Tattered Nest Vintage Marketplace. Here are some photos of the latest version of that space!!

Love, love, love ironestone and little white pitchers!!

I think this is my favorite piece in the shop right now.

I made some pretty jars like I have in my studio. They are great for holding pens, scissors etc...

It looks dark in the photo but that unit in the back is actually an awesome cubby shelf from an old hardware store. 

I love old worn boxes with great graphics! This is a french wine crate!

This bed cover is Gorgeous!(with a capital G):)
It is cotton and handmade. It is perfect with no rips or stains. Those are hard to find!!!

Does anyone know anything about this vintage cage?? It looks just like the vintage hat stands I have seen, except there was a cage on top instead of a ball. In any case it was begging for a nest!!

In my next post, I'll introduce you all to Cooper. The newest member of our family!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Springtime Nests at the Nest!

 I've been busy as a momma bird making these Springtime nests!
 I had so much fun making the Christmas trees in silver plate containers for the Holidays that for spring this year I decided to try something new.
 They are so much fun to make and I enjoy working with all the natural elements. (Although I will admit... my studio has never been as messy! This stuff goes all over the place!)
Each one is different and embellished with the requisite amount of bling!
I hope you all are beginning to enjoy Spring as much as we are here in Phoenix!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Fresh Start for 2016

 Back in January I decided to leave my home at Rusty Saturday and begin anew down the street at one of my favorite shops in the valley. It is called Tattered Nest Vintage Marketplace and I could not be happier that I made the move. I love being there. The reason I have not posted in soooo very long is that I have been so busy trying to keep up. It is a wonderful problem to have and I am very grateful.

 I thought I would show you some pics of the space as it has been evolving over the past month.
This antique open hutch was one of my favorite pieces I have ever had. 

 Filling it with vintage goodies was so much fun.

I hung these antique farmouse chairs on the wall and used them as shelves. You probably cant see them very well, but the bottles inside the strappy galvanized bucket are antique ceramic ale bottles from Scotland complete with marks.

I made this cool hanging shelf using an old fence panel and real books for the shelves. I thought I had a photo of the painted Ball jars holding pretty Spring daisies but I couldn't find it. :(

 I love these nesting tables, painted white with the gold design showing through.

As things sold I rearranged and added in new things. 

 I brought in fesh plants and used old pages to fill the gap between the pot and the container.

 This is the most current view of the space. 

 This armoire/dresser is so pretty in person.

 This is another of my favorite pieces. I used anaglypta wall paper for the drawer fronts.

This sage green chair is stunning. It is in like new condition and sooo comfy!

I love this chandelier. I would have kept it if I had a place for it in my home.
 This is a cool piece. The top opens up to create a nice wide serving area for food or drink!

 Okay... another one of my favs. These two shelves were made from old shutters and are perfect for a cottage or farmhouse look!

 I adore vintage mirrors. They add just right the right amount of shine and sparkle to a room.

 One more great find... This cool table. It has a wonderful shape and the legs have their original chippy patina.

Well that's it for now!!! I have more posts ready and some cool news about our family coming up soon!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Decor in My Desert 2

 Here is my little family room all dressed for Christmas. Since I started only putting up one tree, I switch back and forth between putting it in the Living room and the Family room.

 I love my cozy chair by the fireplace. It's great for reading or watching TV.

 The tree I use in here is flocked. I added burlap ribbon to it this year and I love the way it looks. Unfortunately it just doesnt photograph well with the light I have.

 My fireplace mantle is definitely the focal point.

 Vintage toys we have collected and saved from childhood go under the tree. It helps to keep the child-like wonder of Christmas even when there are no children in the house. (Unless you count my cute hubby!)

I love the graphic nature of this sign I got a few years back. I enjoy bringing it out every year.

I probably will not post again until after the new year. I hope you all have a very joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

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