Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Painted Chair Makeover-Before and After

Well I finally tried my hand painting an entire chair with chalk paint and I have to say... I will totally do this again!!! It is a lot of work, but I was very happy with the results!!!

As you can see it started out with wonderful bones. I love these channel back style chairs but the fabric was dated and well,  just not my style!

It had a raised chenille type texture so I wasn't sure if it was going to work because I had always heard that flat weaves work best.

After a lot of research on line and many opinions on paint formulas I decided to forgo the fabric medium method and just dive in with my home made chalk paint. I was hoping to achieve a leather like appearance so the fabric medium wasn't needed to keep the paint soft.

This is what it looked like after the first coat of paint. As you can see, the fabric really sucked up the paint on the first coat. I did use a lot of water though because I read that was better than applying really thick coats of paint.

This is after 3 coats of paint. As you can see, the texture of the fabric really came up. At this point it was very stiff and uncomfortable to the touch. The next step... sanding!!!!

I took my hand sander and went over the whole think using an #80 grit paper to start and then switching to #120. Some of the green fabric started to show through, the the texture of the paint completely changed. It really started to feel like leather at this point.

I put one more coat of paint on it and used AS clear wax, and then dark wax to bring out the texture. I love how it looks and feels like tooled leather now!! I worked the wax in well and made sure to wipe off all the extra so nothing would come off when someone sits in it!

Here it is in my space at Rusty Saturday!! I painted the wood an off-white and I just love the finished result. If you have been afraid to try painting fabric chairs, I say go for it!!! (Just don't use your grandmothers heirloom chair!!)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My booth this month at Rusty Saturday!

 Hello my bloggy friends! Long time no see!! How the heck has a month gone by without a blog post?? I know how how..... cause they speed up the clocks when you get older, and I swear the days are getting shorter, NOT longer!!

I spent today redoing my space at Rusty Saturday. This is the third time I have redone it this month, cause big stuff keeps selling! What a blessing. :) Thankfully I have been finding some wonderful things to put in there. It's really hard when I want to keep everything I find for myself!! LOL!

 I made this wall vase with some old rustic blue bead board I got on my last trip to Texas. I love the way it looks with fresh daisies in it. It makes me happy. :)

 Can you believe I found this amazing piece AND I am letting it go?? Seriously? Yes. It is absolutely to die for, but alas... it must go to a good home. It is an antique machinists cabinet. It is full of wonderful drawers with little dividers and is really pretty clean inside. It weighs a ton because it's all wood! 

This table is fabulous too. It was handmade by some very industrious fella over 40 years ago. (if I had the space in my house...this would not have made it into the shop!

If you are in the Phoenix area, stop by and say hi!!! There are lots more wonderful things to find at Rusty Saturday. :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Textile Art Necklaces

 It's always a wonderful thing when I make some time to play in the studio! I've been wanting to create some textile based necklaces for a while now.

 I just love it when the vision in my head and what comes out in the end are both the same!!

 I made several different ones, all to go with some of my favorite tops.

These top two are my favorites!!

 Although to be honest, I do love them all.

 I know many of you may think they are too matchy-matchy for your tastes, but I am a tone on tone kind of girl! :)

 I really like the addition of the inspirational type words on them. We all need those little reminders every now and then. :)

I am having so much making these, I cant seem to stop! Every free moment I have is spent in the studio making more!

I posted these on Facebook last week and got such a wonderful response from everyone!
I was asked by several of the ladies for a tutorial and since it's been quite some time since I made a new one, I decided it was time!!

If you would like to purchase the tutorial for making one of these fabric art necklaces, just click here!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sweet Salvage-Rustic Luxe

This weekend is the Sweet Salvage sale. I always look forward to going because there is so much vintage eye candy all in one place! One of my favorite things about the new building and layout is the addition of a courtyard area that is filled with yummy garden accessories and greenery. 

 This Arizona girl loves all the architectural goodies, wrought iron and pretty plants! Really, anything that doesn't look like the desert!

 I could just sit out there and watch all the activity all day if they would let me!!

 There are always pretty garden goodies inside too!

 This week I found several amazing storage pieces that I was drooling over. This one in particular was my absolute favorite! It is stunning dont you think???

This is an artists dream.
 This one is a little industrial for my taste but it's still fabulous.

 Love both of these!!!
 The warehouse is always a little more rustic than inside Sweet but it's all still beautiful.

And as always I'm attracted to chippy, white anything!!!!!

 I adore Marmalade jars! The graphics are just too cool.

 If I had room on my kitchen counter I would love to own one of these.

 Yes, please. I'll just take it all!

 Isn't this sooo clever and cute?

Bling to make your heart sing!!!

 This cabinet and what's inside just makes my insides all bubbly (in a good way! LOL!)

Can you say "Fabulous" ????

 Everything I love...

And finally, this blue table is so wonderful. I hate that I have no room left for anything else in my house!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! See you soon!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm teaching a class at Rusty Saturday!

 I am so happy to be able to announce my class held at Rusty Saturday in Phoenix!

I will be teaching my students how to use encaustic wax to make a super cool altered Bottle Wall hanging.

We will be using both new and vintage goodies, so each bottle will be unique.

Ever since I learned about encaustic wax, I have been obsessed with it!

I will even be teaching some basic soldering techniques for anyone who wants to add that detail to their bottles.

I love how many different looks can be achieved depending on the materials used.

The class will be held March 6th and again on March 8th.

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