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Monday, March 21, 2011

Round Top, here I come!

I'm leaving, on a jet plane... I don't know when I'll be back again....
(Come on, you know the song)  Actually, I do know when I'll be back, but I'm not thinking about that right now.  All I'm thinking about is Round Top!!!! Woo Hoo! (or should I say "Yee Haw!")

I am going to stay with Charlene of My Hearts Ease  and will be meeting so many of my favorite bloggers I can't stand it!!  I would name them all, but there are too many to count!!
My Christmas present last year was this trip, and I have been anxiously awaiting to hop on that plane!
I am going to shop til I drop, but the thing I am really most looking forward to, is giving my blog friends a big ol' hug, and just hanging out! (Don't get me wrong... the shopping is REALLY important too!) I'm bringing an empty suitcase, and I hope to bring it back full of goodies!!!!

I will of course have lots of pics to share with you when I get back, and hopefully if all goes well, a little video too. Have a wonderful week my friends! See you all when I get back!
     YEE HAW!!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Building Beautiful Blogs... A Beginners Guide to Blogger

Well, the day has finally come for me to  pull the trigger and make my announcement!
I am so excited to announce the release of my new e-book, Building Beautiful Blogs... A Beginnners Guide to Blogger!

I've put all the information I can think of to help new bloggers (and even those who have been blogging for a while) navigate through Blogger with as little stress and frustration as possible!
I get so much pleasure out of helping you all with your blogs, that I decided it might beneficial to put everything I've learned over the past couple of years in one place, so it's easy to read and follow.
I remember being a new blogger and I would have loved to have had a resource like this when I started. I hope you will all go over to the new site and check it out. I am very proud of the finished product and feel very confident you will find lot's of great information to make your lives in Blogland less stressful, more creative and more fun!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Town Dump

Yesterday my friend Sandie and I drove out to a quaint little town outside of Scottsdale called Cave Creek.  It is the ultimate western town and is about a half hour drive North for me.
Our destination was The Town Dump. (No, not that dump!) This dump!!!

It is full of the most wonderful wrought iron pieces for the garden or even inside.  Don't you love this arbor???

There are table bases and plant stands everywhere, already rusty and  aged.  Just the way we gals like them!!!  This small table base was only $40.00!!!

Chandelier anyone???
Some of my favorite things are all the rusty white fence panels they have.

The one in front of my fireplace came from here.

MMMMMMmmmmmmm. What to do, what to do.....

I thought this was a great piece.  Now you have to keep in mind, that is not the wonderful architectural salvage that you girls have in other parts of the country. This stuff is made in Mexico, but when it's hard to find the real thing, some of this stuff doesn't make a bad compromise.

Cute huh???

They really have a lot of other very funky things. Most of them VERY southwest, which I don't care for, but how about a suit of armor???

or a pet dinosaur????

Sandie and I had a great time, as we do every where we go. 
Sandie... don't kill me!!!
You are the most lovely flower I have ever seen on a cactus!!!!


And speaking of of lovely things...I got the sweetest email from Sallianne, who said she featured me on her blog Single Successful You.   It's a blog about independent (singular!) ladies who are thinking about or who have started a business solo!
I think she was very nice to have featured me on her blog so maybe you all could go over and say hi!!

Have an awesome weekend my friends!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Putting myself out there!!

Eeek! This is so scary and so exciting at the same time!!!  I have been working hard at getting my name out there to continue to grow Valentine Design.  I hired a very nice guy named Jeff Easter from Phoenix Social Media to help with the social media aspects of growing my business. Jeff suggested a series of YouTube videos and my first one is completed and ready for the world to see!
I finally got over the feeling that I look like a total dork and just went for it!!
I would love it if you would hop on over there and check out my YouTube video...

There is also some more really exciting news that I will be announcing soon!

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