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Monday, November 25, 2013

Help for a fellow Blogger

Hello my friends!! I have some information that I would like to share with you! I'm sure many of you are familiar with with a very talented lady named Karen Bailey. She has a blog called Todolwen and has been creating beautiful and inspiring things for some time now. Well, unfortunately she decided to make some changes to her blogs URL and as result broke all the links to her blog.

If you have her in your blog roll, or have her blog button on your blog, or even have followed a Pinterest image, you will find that those links will no longer take you to her blog, but instead will take you to a page that says "This blog has been removed".

It really stinks, but there is no way that we have found to get her old blog URL back, so as a result, Karen has had to start over. Fortunately, we were able to save all her previous pots, so the blog hasn't really disappeared,  it's just had to change addresses. 

The new address for Karen's blog is www.todolwen.ca
If you have been a fan of Karen's blog, please pop over there and follow her again. And if you didn't know about Karen's blog before... hey... you just found another great blog to follow!!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snowman Class Pics!

 Last weekend I held my vintage style snowman class here at my house. I decided to break it up into 2 separate classes since a few of the girls couldn't come on Saturday.

Friday there were just the 4 of us so we played in the kitchen where there was lots of light!

 Making the base.

 You know you are having a good time when there is glitter and glue everywhere!!!!

 That is Joy, Sandie, and Denise. We had a wonderful day laughing and sharing creative fun.

 Joy put a homemade hymnal in her snowman!

 Denise snowman is a gift for her son, he needed to be more traditional and masculine.

Sandie brought a Tim Holtz pocketwatch with her that she filled with a clock image and those cute snowflake buttons.

Gini, Jennifer, Kelley, Suzy and Lynne

 On Saturday I had 5 more ladies join me. We were supposed to have 6 but Jennifer's friend Sue couldn't make it at the last minute. "You were missed Sue!"

 That's Suzi's daughter Kelley. She stepped out from the pack and decided to paint and glitter her snowman's hat red! It looked wonderful!!

 Jennifer adding details to her snow duck, I mean snowman!! (Sorry... it's an inside joke!!!)

 Lynne's little cutie...

 and Suzi's!!! 

Unfortunately, some of the girls left before I had a chance to take photos!!
 We truly did have a wonderful time. I made lunch and we yacked away spending some much needed girl time together!

Thank you all so much ladies for a wonderful class!!

This one is mine. I decided to change things up and use an egg shape for the base since I already have several made with the cone.

If you would like to learn how to make one of these, the tutorial is still for sale here !!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

"Tis the Season" at Sweet Salvage

 It's the most wonderful time of year again at Sweet Salvage this weekend!
Between the beautiful displays and the wonderful cool weather we are having here right now, I am really filled with the Christmas (and Thanksgiving) spirit!!

 I love these little vintage style wreaths and think the wooden Christmas trees are wonderful too!
See that garland peaking out at the bottom of the pic? That came home with me and found it's way into my bedroom garland. (I'll show pics of that soon!)

Me and the gang at Sweet must have been on the same wavelength cause' I just put some angel wings on my manni in my office!!

 I have a sled like this at home too. I never thought to put it on a table and use it as a centerpiece!

 There are some darling little burlap stockings there.

 Christmas elegance!!!

 I sooo wish I had room for this sweet carousel horse!!!

Glittered skates??? Fabulous!!!!

 I am in LOVE with these colors!!!

This antique bear would have been perfect for my "days gone by" themed family room, but he was too far outside my budget. I'm sure he's going to find a great home though!

Lovely transferware plates, sweet french flash cards and the color on those ornaments... divine!

 I am doing an Angel theme in my bedroom, so these really caught my eye. Too bad they are too big for me!!

As always, there was wonderful jewelry and sweet vintage style clothes and accessories. 

In addition to all the lovely whites and aqua blues, there was also plenty of the traditional red. While it's not  the direction my Christmas decor goes in, I thought these pillows were fabulous!

I even caught a candid shot of old Santa himself getting ready for a personal appearance!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of a wonderful Holiday season!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Waterless Snowglobe Tutorial

Hello everyone!! Christmas is just around the corner and I have been having lots of fun making Christmas crafts and gifts for my friends!

These waterless snowglobes came out so cute, I thought I would share with you how I made them. :)

 I started by bleaching out a bunch of bottle brush trees that I purchased at Michaels. I just threw them in bucket of water with a bleach solution of about 4:1 (water to bleach) After about 15 min they looked like this.

 Then I took a paper mache box that can be found at any of the big craft stores...

 ...and I covered it with this cool burlap and lace ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby. You could also cover the box with any paper or fabric.

I put the top back on the box. It will become the bottom of the snowglobe.
 I added paper to the top, but found that it was really unnecessary. I poked holes where I wanted the trees to go.

 As you can see, I pulled the bases off the trees because I wanted them to sit lower on the box.
I used a bit of glue to secure them.

Then I added some more glue to the base...

...and sprinkled mica snow on it. Then I decorated the trees with pearl garlands, pearls and rhinestone beads.
(After I finished the whole piece, I realized I had actually planned on doing something a little different, so I made some changes... I'll show what I did in a few more pics)

 I wanted to mix rustic with refined so I used natural jute to wrap around the top of the jar. I used a hot glue gun for this because I wanted it to hold right away.

 Decorating the box came next. I used gathered lace on the bottom as well as silver tinsel garland and Platinum Stickles glitter glue.

 Then I glued the jar upside down onto the top of the box, and added some more Platinum Stickles glitter glue to the top of the jute.

I layered several different snowflakes together and glued them to the front of the base.

Next, I spray painted a tart tin and a wooden ball with a flat base with off white spray paint.

Once they were dry I used an antiquing glaze to age them and give them some depth.

This is what they looked like after some of the glaze was wiped off.

Then paint them both with Mod Podge...

...and sprinkle with fine crystal glitter.

Then I added some jingle bells that had been wired together and glued the whole thing on top of the jar.

This is what it looked like when I was finished, but as I said... I was a doofus and didn't do what I had originally planned. I decided to carefully tear it apart and make some changes.:)

 What I really wanted was an image of vintage children playing in the snow.
I printed the image out on my computer and glued it to a piece of heavy cardstock.

I left enough cardstock at the bottom to fold under and use it to glue down the image.

Once I ripped out the front tree and replaced it with the image, the whole thing came together the way I had originally wanted it. :)

Here is the second one I did. Instead of using a box for the base I used a large inverted tart tin for the base as well as a small one for the top. The jar is smaller too.
I added some snowflakes to the outside using Frosted Lace Stickles glitter glue. Then I decided I didn't like it and scraped it all off! LOL! Hey, it's a girls prerogative to charge her mind right???

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and it inspired you to do something creative today!!

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