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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Re-doing my office

 I finally got to the point where I desperately needed a filing cabinet in my office. It had started to get cluttered looking and frankly, not very attractive. It has been kind of ignored in the whole decorating scheme and I realized that since I spend more time in this room than any other in my home, it was time for  a makeover.  I knew I did not want one of those ugly metal cabinets and I just did not have the energy to paint one and make it all cute. I also knew I couldn't afford one of the lovely wood ones from Pottery Barn, Ballard or Restoration Hardware. I did some research on line and found a very affordable one from HomeDecorators.com. I ordered it, and it arrived a week later. I had to put it together, but it was worth it, to get what I wanted.  I had a roll of anaglipta (is that how you spell it?) wallpaper that I snapped up at a garage sale last year and I knew instantly that it would become the the face of the drawers. Didn't it come out spiffy???

So with that task accomplished I took to organizing my desk. One of the things I can't stand is all those cords around the computer!  I took one of those great shoebox style storage boxes that you can get from Michaels and I cut 3 circles on 3 sides with my exacto knife. Then I just threaded the cords through the holes and Presto! No more messy cords!

The next thing I wanted to tackle was my desk chair. Because I am using an old dining table as my desk, I can't use the desk chairs that have arms, so a regular chair has to work. I wanted to use a pillow for my back but the pillow kept falling off the chair. Then I got the bright idea of tying a runner around the pillow and chair to keep it from falling off. It even stays up high right where I want it! I think it looks pretty cute too.  :)

So here is my newly decorated and much more functional office space. I added a few pretties from my studio, because let's face it... the studio was pretty packed and could afford to lose a few things. :)
There is even a reclining chair to take breaks in or watch Netflix from my computer.
I'm a happy camper!!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello, my name is Karen.

 Hello, my name is Karen... and I am a shopoholic. At least when it comes to yummy vintage goodness!!! (okay well if I'm really being honest with myself it probably extends a little farther than that, be won't discuss that issue right now. )

The third Thursday of every month is one of my very favorite days. On those mornings I leap out of bed with a gleam in my eye and a smile on face! It's opening day for the monthly occasional sale at Sweet Salvage!! Woo Hoo!!!!  Tons of questions run through my head..."What kind of treasures will they have this month? Is there gas in the car? Where's my wallet? and most importantly.... How much stuff can I bring into the house without my hubby saying... you went shopping again????? LOL!!!!

 But I just can't help myself! For so many years I lamented about not having any great places like this, and now that it's here I can't stay away.

 Hubby should just be happy I'm not looking to replace my sofa any time soon!!!

 I loved this built out frame. It's so nice and deep in there. Darn. As I look at it now.....I should have brought this home with me!!!

This month's theme was  Rough & Refined and indeed it was!  

 One of my addictions....

 ...and they were every where!!!

Can't I pleeeease have them all?????

 There were several great old coffee and grain sacks, cool industrial drawers, architectural salvage and even a gold head if you fancy that sort of thing!!!

 I love this old fan. My hubby and I brought one home from his parent's house in Pa.  last fall and I'm going refurbish it and use it this summer.

 Okay, come on... this chair is to die for!!!

 I loved all the old silver pieces mixed in with all the industrial. Very cool.

Tricia Samsal from Vintage Bliss was there with some of her very cool and very lovely jewelry.


 I love the chalk drawn chandelier!! What a cute n' cool idea!!

 Loved the hanging scale. Of course.. again... I was stupid and passed it up. It could be hanging in my kitchen right now!!! What was I thinking????

 There were several of these beauties about too. And look at that price!!! Holy Cow!!! Thankfully I have one of my own, or I would have come home with this too!!

 Love this sign! I am trying to find great pieces like this for our home. I think it will bring a little funkiness and a little masculinity into our rather feminine decor. Besides, hubby is a total car guy so I hope it helps bring a little of his personality to the decor too. I did pass on this one, but I did bring home something else.... which you will see in a minute. :)

I totally thought of my friend Cindy from Lilly's Lace when I saw her, although Cindy's obsession tends to be just the head. :)  I should have brought her home with me too. She would have looked awesome in my studio. Oh well....

 I'm loving those light fixtures!!!!

 This cart was TDF!!! If I had a bigger laundry room it would have become my new hamper!!

 Remember all those tutorials on Pinterest on how to turn a light bulb into a vase???

 Okay, here is the reveal.... My little stash of treasures. I know, I know... I talk big and then this is all bring home??? Hey, I'm a poor working girl remember?? LOL! It's not a huge haul but I love it all. The cut glass salt and pepper shakers will get filled with pretty glitter for my studio, the role of burlap ribbon will be used in a fabric journal or something, the scale... well lets just say it will not be alone in my house. I couldn't resist the "Good Dog" flash cards and those numbers were just cool. I'll find something to do with them. And of course the  awesome "one way" sign. You will die when you here how much I paid for that... Are you ready???? $29.00!!!!

I hope you enjoyed living vicariously through me for a little while!! LOL!! It was so hard to edit down the photos, but if I didn't you would have been here until Tuesday!  I'll get that sign up and show where it it's going soon! Have an absolutely fabulous day my friends!!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Launch Your Creativity!

Remember when I said there was a lot of exciting things going on around here??? Well I was serious, and here is one more!!! I am flying to California in April to speak at Launch Your Creativity!
It is an amazing seminar that offers ideas, advice and encouragement to any woman who has just started or is looking to start her own creativity based business. 
Sharon, from Pansy Cottage and Garden started these seminars a couple of years ago and they are growing in popularity with each event. I hope you will pop over to the Launch Your Creativity website and check out, and if you are in California I would love to meet you! There will be several very knowledgeable women who will be sharing their stories and advise, and I know it will be an event not to be forgotten!! I hope to see you there!!


On another note.... I must not forget to say....
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
(and Happy Birthday to me. tee hee)
I am off to play in the studio with my friend Sandie. We have been making paper and fabric journals these last couple of weeks due to all the amazing inspiration we have found on Pinterest, (who da thought??) and we are having a wonderful time!!

Here's a little preview of what I'll be working on today. :)
I hope your day if full of lovely surprises, beautiful smiles and lot's of lot's of LOVE!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Farmhouse style, my way.

 I have been gathering so much inspiration on Pinterest these days. (as I'm sure so many of you are)
My problem has always been that I like too many styles of decorating, for only one home. I wish I could have several homes and be able to decorate each in style that I love! (Hey, if your gonna dream, dream big!!!)
I am currently obsessed by the the very comfy and homey Farmhouse style that incorporates lots of pretty vintage elements with a little (or a lot) of rustic thrown in. Because it tends to be less foofy and girly than some of the other styles that I love, it's perfect for a happy home for hubby too.

One of the first images I pinned to my Pinterest board was this one from Take Out Photo.
I loved what he did here, and knew I had the perfect frame to make something very similar.

I used Dictionary pages and chose the appropriate page for each item. (For example my scale went on the "S" page, my clock went on the "C" page etc...) Instead of having the hard edges of the photos, I used Photoshop Elements to fade out the images so that the edges are all very soft.  I backed the whole thing with a piece of burlap and used decorative push pins to attach the printed pages.

 I got these numbers at the last Sweet Salvage sale, the scale I got last month at a garage sale for only $5.00 and that candle got a little rustic makeover of it's own too.

 I love to collect vintage scales. They are all over my house.

 Another thing that got a little makeover was the light fixture in front of the fireplace. I covered the glass with a light colored burlap, painted the wood and added a  little  furniture strapping around the candle sleeves.

 I forgot to take a "before" shot of that fixture, but this one is the same style and do for it's makeover soon.

 Another thing I'm loving on Pinterest is all the crates and pallets that are being re-purposed.
I found this one at a garage sale the same day as the scale. I didn't want to change it into anything other that what it was. It makes a perfect storage spot for magazines and books.

 The screens on either side of the window frame, also came from Sweet Salvage a few months ago. I just hung them on the wall and then added an arrangement of family photos and frames.
I even like frames with nothing in them!

 And lastly, I am on the lookout for old signage. I think it makes for wonderful and interesting decor . I haven't found any beautiful old store signs yet, but I did pick up this nice street sign recently. I really like the graphics of letters and numbers and think they look fabulous with the farmhouse style of decorating as well.

I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell. Have a wonderful weekend!

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