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Monday, November 26, 2012

Bottle Angel Class... finally!!

 A couple of weekends ago I taught a wax bottle angel class at my house. We had the most wonderful time. The ladies who come and take my classes are the sweetest ever and I get bummed when it's time for everyone to go home!!!

That's Lori, and Shelly, Earleen and Annette.
 Lynn, Sandie, Carol and Ginni...

 Rebecca, Terri, Sue and Jennifer.

They turned out so great!!! It was so much fun to see what creative changes the girls made. I even got emails after class with pics of more angels the girls made when they got home!!!
Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who took my class and made the day so much fun!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

I was in flea market and garage sale heaven this weekend!!

 What an awesome weekend I had!!! It feels like I didn't stop! I truly  was in vintage market heaven. First, on Thursday was my monthly pilgrimage to Sweet Salvage for the "Comfort and Joy" Christmas show.
 I'm always searching for fun things to add to my already over full holiday decor.

 In addition to the traditional red and green goodies, the store was a white, winter wonderland.
The displays were so pretty!!

 Ice skates are hot right now and they had several pairs. I got my child size pair from there last year.

 There is always so much to see.

 Okay, I have a story for you about this rocking horse. I loved it when I saw it. I've been slowly collecting vintage toys to put under the tree in the family room and I thought it would be a great addition. I thought about it, and trying to be frugal, I passed on it. Later that day I was getting all the pics ready to do this post, when I came upon this photo. I starting kicking myself for passing it up.  I decided to drive all the way back down to Sweet Salvage, to see if it was still there. This was 4 hours later mind you, but I decided to cross my fingers and hope for the best.  Can you believe it was still there???
It must have been meant to be!!!

 They had lots of fun industrial letters there this time, 

and some sweet little ones too. :)

It was a super fun day!

 Then on Friday my friend Sandie and went to The Big Heap in Cave Creek.

It was also a lot of fun! There were lots of great vendors there...

including Tricia from Vintage Bliss, as well as Paris Montana  and  Jack and Cat Curio  just to name a few.
Unfortunately, most of my pics came out TERRIBLE from this show, so I can't really show you much more.
Sandie and I did  buy the most awesome up cycled skirts made from sweaters from Kenzie Mac.
I also learned that there will be a market called "Made Market" on December 8th at Chaparral High School. They focus on Hand made, Home Grown, and Home Made. I will be there for sure! I love supporting  local crafters and artisans!

Then as if, I hadn't already had my fill... after The Big Heap on Friday, and then again on Saturday morning, I went Garage Sale-ing!!! I picked several awesome vintage bottles to make more angels for Christmas. (Speaking of which... I'll post pics of the class I had a week ago, very soon!! I promise!)
I also found a silver ice bucket and some vintage jewelry, a great wrought iron sign holder, and an old lamp. This is PRIME garage sale season here in Phoenix, so I'll probably go out as often as I can. :)

All in all, it was a very fun weekend!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chalk Board love in the kitchen

 I (like many of you) currently have a love of chalkboards. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them!!! They are so versatile and add such a cute charm to most spaces. I knew I wanted to add one to the kitchen cabinets as soon as they were finished, and so I got it done as soon as I could.
I made a template from paper and used it to trace onto a piece of thin masonite from the hardware store. Then hubby used a little saw and cut it out for me. A little sanding on the edges and it fit almost perfectly into the recessed panel of the cabinet.  Then a applied 3 coats of Rustoleum's black chalkboard paint with a foam roller. Right now it stays in just fine with a little friction, but if I ever need to, I'll add a little bit of velcro to keep it in. I didn't want to paint the chalk paint directly onto the cabinet because doing the fancy chalkboard art lettering is much easier on a horizontal surface. Plus, this way I haven't done anything permanent to the cabinetry.

 I know I have a long way to go in practicing my lettering, but I still love the way it turned out and it is already proving to be a much used feature in the kitchen.
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