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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweet Salvage Goodies

Last week I told you about the amazing new shop on 7th Ave called Sweet Salvage. Today I thought I would share with you a few of the things I bought. The biggest and best find was this awesome birdcage! I have been looking for one for quite some time but they have always been out of my price range. When I saw this HUGE iron cage I was immediately attracted to it, but when I saw the price tag I knew I had to have it! $99.00??? Really? I've seen them half the size and twice the price! I want to put a shelf in it and turn it into a display cabinet. What do you think???

I also found this pretty wooden shoe form for a woman's high heel shoe. I'm not sure if I'm going to alter it or leave it exactly as it is. The door knob is to add to my stash of bottle making making goodies. I've been making them like  crazy!! (But that's a whole other post)

My last favorite find was this lovely old type drawer. I really liked it for a couple of reasons. The size was perfect and smaller than most I have seen. It fits perfectly on my desk and holds the doo dads and what nots that I am currently using. I also really liked the drawer pull. It's just a really nice little detail.

I bought a few other odds and ends but these were my favorite pieces. 

I hope you have (had) a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Opening Day at Sweet Salvage on 7th

Have you heard about Sweet Salvage??? Well... you are about to! For the longest time I have been so envious of all you girls who have fabulous occasional sales near you. Well Phoenix girls...Now we have one too!! Sweet Salvage on 7th ave. just opened her doors today for the very first time (They will be open tomorrow and all weekend) and I was giddy the moment I walked in the door.  The girls allowed me and my camera in a half hour early so I could show you all the amazing vignettes and wonderful items they have for sale this weekend. And let me tell you it was a good thing I was there early because the place was packed from the moment the doors opened!! I didn't get to do any pre-shopping but I did capture some great shots before the crowd came in, so sit back and enjoy the beauty of Sweet Salvage.

 This vignette was gorgeous in person. The wall behind the bed was covered with a curtain of lace table cloths.
 The coolest part was how they made them... They are two attached together by cutting into the tablecloth and tying the two cloths together.  Fabulous!!

 This is the bathroom. Don't you just love that skirt made from burlap??

 This is the front desk were you check out. Cool huh?

 I found some wonderful goodies and was very impressed with the prices. I will share what I bought with you in another post.
However I will give you a little hint... One of the things I purchased is in this photo.  :)
If you live in the Phoenix area, I urge you to go check it out. The skills that these girls have are amazing and I will be visiting every month to see what new treasures they have for us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello Studio... I've missed you!

I've managed to find some time to get back in the studio recently. Gosh it feels good to get my hands dirty again!! LOL!!! I made of couple of journal type books.

This one was made from an unfinished wooden scrapbook that I picked up at a Garage Sale a couple of years ago. I painted the whole thing with some of the Caromal Colors paint I had left over from my table project, because I love the texture that I got from the paint. Then I covered it with a rectangular shaped doily. I really wanted to use millinery flowers but I just don't have any so I use some white Prima paper flowers and crinkled and smooshed so they looked really beat up! I added a drop of Latte alcohol ink into the center to give them some depth. I used an old cabinet card for the image, more lace, buttons and trim. I am using it to hold all the beautiful images that inspire me from the the pages of my favorite magazines.

I enjoyed making the first one so much, I made this one too! It's made from one of the composition books you can get all over the place for back to school. I covered Both front and back, inside and out with off white cardstock.  The image was printed from my computer.  Then I layered all different pieces of lace that I have in my lace stash until I got a layout that I liked. Again, more crumpled flowers only this time I used coffee to stain the centers. I added seam binding and lace to the front and back of the covers to be used to tie it closed and of course, more buttons. This one is my favorite. I made it to take with me next month to keep notes in when I go to The Creative Connection. I'm starting to get excited!! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest creations. If you haven't grabbed up some composition books at the store yet, what are you waiting for???
Have an awesome day my friends! It's going to be beautiful!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who likes prizes??????

 Well I've been a busy busy bee these past few weeks going through each and every party post and linking up all the participants to their permanent home for the year. If you are still not finished enjoying the party you can head over to the Where Bloggers Create blog where you will find the entire list. I cannot thank you all enough for playing along this year. Whether you joined in with a post or just went around and visited, this party is a success because of all of you!! You are ALL winners in my book!  Unfortunately, I can not give away 300 prizes, so we'll just have to settle for 6!!
This year I asked Jo if she would allow the winners to choose which gift they would like and she said... absolutely!!! 
Yea!!!!  So the following six gals will get to choose from the following great prizes.

1. A year subscription to "Where Women Create"

 2. A year subscription to "Where Women Cook"

3. A set of Jo Packham's hard cover series "Where Women Create" and "The Book of Inspiration"

 4. A Wear Women Create Charm Bracelet

And the lucky random winners are.... (drumroll please)

Terry Frias from Artistic Ramblings
Cindy from Stitches-N-Stuff
Shirley from Hudson's Holidays
Miss Shawna from Petticoats and Patina

Congratulations to all the winners!!! Drop me an email with your address and let me know which prize you would like!!

Don't forget about the great giveaway going on over at TCCblog!!

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