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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shabbylicious IS SHABBYLICIOUS!!!

I'm so thrilled to let you know that my studio is featured in the new issue of Shabbilicious Magazine!!
If you are not familiar with the publication, you should go check it out! It is published by a very sweet lady named Kerryanne in Australia and she does a beautiful job putting it all together.

The magazine is available in both digital and printed formats, but the best part is.... the digital issue is free!!! It is chock full of beautiful vintage and shabby chic decor, projects and ideas and also some really great vendors that are just kinds of things we all love! I was very happy to see that in addition to all the the other lovely ladies that are in this issue, Rebecca from A Gathering Place is also in it. She has a wonderful studio and has shared it many times during the Where Bloggers Create tour.

You can go check out the issue by clicking on the image above. I think you'll love the magazine and will want to see lot's more issues in the future!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Salvage is 2 years old!

 I can't believe it's been 2 years since Sweet Salvage opened it's doors. That means I have enjoyed their wonderful displays and creative inspiration 24 times so far!!!

This month was no exception.  Many of the vignettes were created as an reminder of some of the wonderful guests that have shared their style over the past couple of years.

 Onwe of these lovely ladies was Carolyn Westbrook. Her book "The French Inspired Home" is eye candy for sure!!
I am such a sucker for green and white, that this was one of my favorite areas of the shop.

 "Patina Style" by Brook Giannetti is another of my favorite books. I just loved the rustic beauty of this room.

 Makes you want to go buy 20 cutting boards doesn't it???

 If I had my dream home, there would be an indoor garden room with a brick floor, tons of windows and this piece!!!

I thought this was a super cool table! It folds up to a regular square table, but when opened, looks like this. I know some people would leave it as is, but I would paint it white (I know, big surprise) and put it next to a wonderful slipcovered sofa.

 There are tons of mannequins there this month. All with their own fabulous personalities.

 Can you say j'adore???

She was probably my favorite. It's very hard for me to restrain myself, because I just have the space to buy any more stuff until my husbands shop is built and I get to move my studio into our finished garage! 
This pretty thing is sporting 2 army bags that would be wonderful to alter like I did in this post.

Or if you prefer, you can make a purse out of an old coffee sack like I did in this post.

 What is it about twine and string in jars that I love so much???

 Love all the vintage sewing goodies.

 This cabinet just makes me happy to look at. Isn't it funny how we're are all attracted to strange and wonderful items??

I just loved this pic!! 

And this... which potentially could have been the love of my life... Has to go be loved by someone else. Because again... I have no where to store it, and God knows how long it will be until I can move into my studio space. Isn't it just fabulous?? I got home and cried because I had to leave it there. (Okay, not really, but you get the idea)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll try not to stay away so long next time. I still need to finish linking the rest of the WBC posts. (I know!! BAD host momma!!!)

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