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Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Welcome my friends, to the 2012 Where Bloggers Create blog party!! I know we are all going to have a wonderful time visiting all the blogs and soaking up more inspiration again this year! I decided to post a little early since so many of you have already started trying to get a sneak peek!! LOL!!!!

My space has changed a little since last year but the basic layout is the same since it is a small room and I don't have many choices for layout. The major change is that I finally painted all the black furniture white and creme! This change was caused by visiting all those gorgeous white studio's over the past several years and looking longingly upon them!!!!

I finally decided I needed to do what made me happy so white it became!!! If you would like to see what the room looked like before, you can click here.

I've also filled the room with a lot more vintage goodies since last year.
I have several pairs of these little beauties and I can't bring myself to alter them! They are too cute just as they are! (I do think I will turn one of the newer pairs into a pin cushion like I've sen all over the place.)
I got this idea from somewhere on line, although I'm not sure where. So whoever you are... You inspired me! Thank you!!!

As you can see my vintage scale collection is all over the house. I also have one of my favorite pieces of all time here in my studio. My architectural salvage angel. Isn't she a beauty??
I have the paper snowflakes I make at Christmas time hanging in the window, only here in my studio they are called "stars". LOL.

Every piece of furniture got painted white and distressed. I love how the room just has a soothing quality to it now.  Sometimes I come in here just to sit and watch tv when hubby wants to watch something lame on television. :)

The glass front cabinet was really a piece of junk we found at a garage sale for $5.00. I gave it a little TLC and now it holds all my jewelry making baubles, soldering equipment and mosaic glass pieces.
The  multi-drawered pieces came from JoAnne. You just put them together and finish them however you wish.

Ever since my friend Charlene gave me the idea of using cut glass to hold glitter, I've been collecting salt and pepper shakers whenever I find them. Now I have a nice collection and they hold all sorts of sparkling powders and glitters.

Last year this was full of books and magazines, but really wasn't being utilized well. Those went in the closet and I filled it with all my favorite fabrics so they are right at my fingertips when I need them.
This cubby unit was also filled with papers and ephemera, but I've been using all the lace and trims a lot more, so I moved out the paper and brought in the ribbons, lace and doilies.
I bought this doll along with 3 others on Ebay, planning on altering them. Well.... I haven't got around to that (and so many other fun projects that I want to do) but she was my favorite and I think I'll leave her alone. She looks happy where she is with a crown upon her head.

Does any one else love the sound of buttons going into in glass jars???
This is my collection of altered bottles. I went crazy and made several in a row, and then was done, and ready to move on to something else. Come on girls... I know you do that too!!!!!
The fabric door panel is where I moved all my paper ephemera and doo-dads. I like being abl to see what I have rather than keeping it boxed up. I usually have an out of site out of mind mentality, so it helps in the creative process if I can see what I have to work with around me.
I have an affinity for empty frames, so I decided to use some of them to create this piece last year.
It hold my favorite piece of advice for all time... "follow your bliss"
The chair is an office chair from Ikea. I just took two king sized matlesse' pillow cases and slipped one over the chair back and tucked the other onto the seat. I stays in place like it was made for the chair.
 I picked up this printers drawer at one of the Sweet Salvage sales and it holds bits and pieces of things I'm working on or (to be honest) whatever I don't feel like putting away at the time. :) The books are my two altered books I've made so far. The one in the back is my own creations and the one in the front was from Lisa McIlvains class at Paper Cowgirls this year. I have plans of making a few more before I (again) move on to something else.

And finally, my office where I actually spend the most time creating. No, it's not pretty jewelry or altered books, or fabulous mixed media art, but it is something I love to do. I get to create beautiful blog designs for all of you and I am grateful for that everyday!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio!! I can't wait to get started visiting all of you. If you haven't already done so, please turn off your word verification (if you use it) for a few weeks during the party to make it easier for everyone to leave a comment on your post. After all, we all like comments don't we??? (Just go to "Settings" > "Comments" and then "NO' for word verification.

Thank you all for Visiting!! Have a fabulous time!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pretty Salvage Finds

Well I am finally getting around to sharing with you what I bought 2 weeks ago at the Sweet Salvage Sale! I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already!!  

This is a vintage hanging scale. I just love it and was thrilled to add it to my collection. I didn't have a hanging one until now so I think it's pretty cool. I hope some day I'll find one of those cool scoopy looking baskets that hangs underneath. (Don't you love my technical terms). LOL.

I loved this old porcelain bucket. I already have two, one in blue and one in brown. I use them outside in the garden instead of those ugly plastic buckets. The 7UP crate is awesome too! The patina on it is just right and the lettering on all sides is perfect. I love how it has the metal corner strips too.

And last but not least... this awesome plant stand! I am a HUGE container gardener since the soil here is sooooo bad, so I love it when I find unique containers and stands to display my plants.

Sorry it took so long for this post ladies. I have been so busy creating new party dresses (blog designs) for so many of you who are joining the Where Bloggers Create party, time just flew by!!! And, speaking of party dresses... What do you think of mine??? I finally bit the bullet and decided to change from a 3 column to a two column. I've been debating the issue with myself for some time because I really wanted to be able to post the extra large photos horizontally as well as vertically.

Anyway, it was time for a cleaner simpler look, so I went for it!!!


Don't forget the Where Bloggers Create party is less than a week away!!!
See you all on the 14th!!!!!!

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