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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Home Tour 2016

Well after many, many computer problems... I am finally able to share with you my 2016 Christmas home! (Sorry it took so long)
This is in the dining area of my kitchen. This vintage rocking horse is one of my favorite Christmas decorations but this is the first time he has been in the kitchen. He usually sits under my tree.
The saloon doors are a new acquisition and perfect for blocking some of the morning sun that beats into the windows.

 This is the family room. There is no tree in here this year. We got rid of the flocked one last year because the flocking had turned yellow with age. Normally I like a little natural patina, but not in this case!

 The mantle is different this year than in years past and I am loving its simplicity.

 No simplicity in my garlands though!!  I fill them with handmade ornaments and love to see them dripping with beads and crystals.
Thisphoto was in my last post, but I am so in love with my angel, I'm showing her again!!

I love my collection of ironstone and every year and Christmas it gets dressed up with real greens. They don't last very long because the air is so dry here, but enjoy them while I can.

This is the family room looking into the dining room. There is a sneak peak of my new sofa, which I will share in another post. :)

The dining room all dressed up for Christmas.

 I love these little preserved boxwood wreaths. I bought them at Target. They are Smith and Hawken and after all the discounts, were only about $15.00 each. That's a really good price for boxwood!

I have a new centerpiece this year. The dome is the top of a vintage birdcage. I just love it.

 This is the living room. It is is the brightest room in the house during the day, and where I sit every morning for breakfast and coffee. In fact this is pretty much my view as I sit in my chair.

This is my tree. Most of the ornaments are handmade. I tried to get a good shot of it, but this was was the best I could do. It may be time to up my photography skills!!

 My bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. 

 These angel wings come out every year for Christmas and often stay for several months before I put them away.

 This fireplace surround is new. It was made my Bruce and Debbie Bjorna from Use-2 bee's Creations here in Phoenix. When I heard they were making them, I immediately put more order in! I have wanted a fireplace surround for this fireplace for about 15 years! (You can see what the mantle used to look in this post from May of last year. ) I needed the mantle done right away, (I'll tell you why in a minute) and they came through for me like champions! I love it. It adds so much drama to the room and looks great with the old doors headboard.

So... why did I need the mantle right away?? Because Staci Dumoski (the editor of Romantic Homes Magazine) and her photographer were coming out to shoot my home for next years Christmas issue!!
I was blown away and so honored to be asked. So, needless to say... the pressure was on this year for sure! Thankfully, the shoot went wonderfully and I could not be happier. I cant believe I have to wait almost a whole year for it to be published! (Patience is not one of my virtues!)

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. May you all be blessed with loved one around you this holiday season.

See you in 2017!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Found Object Angels

 Perhaps some of you are wondering... "where the heck has she been???" (or maybe not)
In any case, I feel bad that I have neglected my precious blog for so long.  My New Years resolution is to be better. :)  I think I put too much pressure on myself to have fabulous pictures and/or wonderful things to say, and just need to let that go and enjoy sharing things with you all.

And so on that note... I would like to share with you the talent of my wonderful hubby. He got an idea on Pinterest, (Yes, I am happy to say he has become a Pinterest junkie!!! LOL!) and decided to create his own version from found objects.  Aren't they fabulous??? 

I kept the top angel because she was just too wonderful to part with...
This one is just as fabulous, but really... who has room for 2 giant angels??? LOL! So she is hanging in my space at the Tattered Nest waiting for someone to bring her home.

Now I know why hubby saves all kinds of things that I look at and think, "Great... more junk to store in the backyard." But he always finds uses for the things he collects. 

Here is my angel hanging in the family room. She makes me happy every time I look at her.

Very soon I will share my holiday home tour and some really cool news as well.
I promise not to be gone so long next time.
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