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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My booth this month at Rusty Saturday!

 Hello my bloggy friends! Long time no see!! How the heck has a month gone by without a blog post?? I know how how..... cause they speed up the clocks when you get older, and I swear the days are getting shorter, NOT longer!!

I spent today redoing my space at Rusty Saturday. This is the third time I have redone it this month, cause big stuff keeps selling! What a blessing. :) Thankfully I have been finding some wonderful things to put in there. It's really hard when I want to keep everything I find for myself!! LOL!

 I made this wall vase with some old rustic blue bead board I got on my last trip to Texas. I love the way it looks with fresh daisies in it. It makes me happy. :)

 Can you believe I found this amazing piece AND I am letting it go?? Seriously? Yes. It is absolutely to die for, but alas... it must go to a good home. It is an antique machinists cabinet. It is full of wonderful drawers with little dividers and is really pretty clean inside. It weighs a ton because it's all wood! 

This table is fabulous too. It was handmade by some very industrious fella over 40 years ago. (if I had the space in my house...this would not have made it into the shop!

If you are in the Phoenix area, stop by and say hi!!! There are lots more wonderful things to find at Rusty Saturday. :)
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