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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Yeah!!! A new sofa for me!!!

Happy New Year my friends!!! It's gonna be a great one don't you think???

Last October I made the plea to my hubby that we needed a new sofa. The one had was more than 20 years old, and although it had a slipcover, it had seen better days. The cushions were shot and it hurt my back to sit in for any length of time. To my extreme amazement, he said yes!! (Even after I told him approximately what it would cost.)

You see... I knew exactly what I wanted. I had already done the research and really,  the Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa with the rolled arms was the only sofa that fulfilled my wish list. (almost)
I knew I absolutely had to have a slipcovered sofa. With a husband a two dogs living in the house, there was just no other option. I also wanted a sleeper sofa because we do not have a guest bedroom and I got tired of making guests sleep on a blow up mattress. I also wanted a shape that was very similar to what we had.

My next decision was what fabric to choose. I dreamt of a lovely white denim sofa, but unless I wanted to wash it every week (not!) that wasn't going to work. My choice was this lovely grey cotton twill. It looks fabulous in the room and so far shows no signs of dirt.

That brings me to why the sofa was almost perfect. Pottery Barn does not make ruffled slipcovered skirts (Only straight skirts) So... I improvised!! I cut a dowel the width of the seat opening. I then sewed a pocket for the dowel and gathered the hemmed fabric onto it. Then all I had to do is tuck that dowel right under the front cushions!

It serves 2 purposes beautifully.  
1. I get my ruffled look without actually having a ruffled slipcover.
2. Its easy to take off and wash frequently as my dogs like to lie right at the base of the sofa.

 To top off the look I made this patchwork pillow. I used the fabric from an old linen tablecloth as the base. It is so soft and perfect for hugging while I'm sitting on the sofa.

 I also bought 2 pillows from a wonderful seller on Etsy. Her business name is artanlei.
The quality of the pillows was excellent. Clear crisp graphics and sewn to perfection. Plus she has a huge variety of patterns to choose from!

I love the way all the pillows look of the sofa. :)

Since almost every single piece of furniture in my home is second hand, it was wonderful to start out the New Year with a new sofa designed just for me!!!!

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