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Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Time for the Mad Hatter Tea Party!!!

Oh I’m so glad you could make it.
I’ve been so excited about this day!
I thought it would never get here!
Did you have any trouble finding
the place? No? Good.
Well , you’re right on time!!!
Come on in!!

Some of the guests are already here.
Let me introduce you.
This is Rocky. He is the love of my life.
(Don’t tell my sweet husband I said that.
He might get jealous!)
Rocky is the one who insisted on getting
dressed up for this affair.

This is Jasmine. She couldn't decide
if she wanted to be the Mad Hatter
or the White Rabbit so
she chose to be both.

Harley’s favorite color is purple.
He shopped for 2 weeks straight
trying to find a matching purple
top hat and bow tie.

Even the chandelier got dressed up!!!

Oh look! The guest of honor has arrived!!!
Isn't he just divine????

The table is packed full of party goodness!

I brought out my favorite silver tea set.

I have all sorts of tea cups
for you to choose from.
I've collected them all over the place.
Which one would you like???

One lump or two???

Here's your tea...
It’s one of my favorites.

Vanilla Caramel by Bigelow.

Doesn’t it smell wonderful?

Now, I know you’ve been to several other parties today, and you’ve
probably had your fill of yummy finger food and sandwiches, but my
favorite food is dessert!!! So with our tea we are going to have cookies..
chocolate covered and fruit filled!!!

We are also having cupcakes!!!
We have chocolate or vanilla.
I’m sorry they are not home made,
but a career girl has to
get help where she can!!!

The food choices seem to be a big hit with one of my guests!!

My goodness... Time does fly when you are having fun!!!!

You are all a bunch of wild and crazy Tea Partiers!!!!

Thank you so much for coming to my party. Now I have to get cleaned up.
I’ve got hundreds of people to visit and I’m LATE, LATE, LATE!!!!!
Make sure you head over to A Fanciful Twist to see all the other Tea Partiers!
(Before you leave don’t forget to click on the invitation on my sidebar and
sign up for the next great party event...Where Bloggers Create.
It’s time to show off your creative spaces!)


The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

How simply charming is this blog..I absolutely love being involved in events such as this to see the creativeness of all of us! How wonderful...and to bring us to new blogs that we haven't seen before. Your tea party is just absolutely beautiful and charming. I really enjoyed by stay and love the music you are playing...Smashing Job! Thank you for visiting me and sharing with all of us. I'm just speechless...just beautiful! Enjoy the Tea Parties and have a beautiful weekend!

LW said...

A lovely tea with the most endearing company….
The food and tea was grand…
I too must take my leave and ride the party trail of the event of the year….

A happy Mad Tea Day to you,


Tristan Robin said...

wonderful post - lovely tea party!

Chris said...

Great party and pictures!!

Your furbabies are so adorable in their party gear!!

Happy Mad Tea Party to you!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

...i am a follower now...i loved partying with you...i am having my tea by the sea...with flowers in my hair...come join me...hugs, rebecca/cre8tiva

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Karen!
I so enjoyed the charming visit and your tea was delightfully delicious. The sweets were scrumptious, I hope we didn't make too much of a mess! I tried to eat all of the yummy cupcakes so you wouldn't have any leftovers...
You are such a wonderful hostess, and of course I must not forget to mention the little furries too!
everything vintage

MagicMarkingsArt said...

a big thank you to you and your delightful, and well dressed, pups - for sharing a cup of tea with me.
~cheers to you and yours~

icandy... said...

That table!!! That chandelier!!! Those "guests"!!!! LOVE it!! Can I have a sampling of the sweet treats? :))) Yummmmmmm!

icandy... said...

I AM so very excited, Karen!! I want to go and re-vamp my entire art room...you have such a wonderful space and the tea party looks absolutely dreamy! Thank you so much for keeping in touch, let's stay connected! :)
Christina xx

Pretty Things said...

Audible gasps when I saw the chandelier! I'd leave it like that ALL the time!

I hope you'll visit my Tea Party and see what I'm decking out the party-goers in!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I want you to know I had a divine time at your party! With your handsome guest of honor, I'm afraid I lingered longer at your party than most. I was just hoping to catch his eye (blushing). I am already late to the next tea party! Have a magical weekend! Twyla

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! You & I were on the same wavelength-come see your blog southern style-oh, but my puppy would have *none* of it, sadly! He called a stunt rabbit in, tee hee!

Polka Dot Moon said...

A lovely affair filled with delightful friends and delicious treats! Thanks for letting me pop by for a spell...............


(I live in Scottsdale too!)

Maggi said...

One can never have too many sweet treats on today of all days! I love your dressed up guests, all quite dashing! Thank you for a fun party!

You're madly invited to my tea party, I do hope you'll stop by (if you haven't already of course)! :)

A Fanciful Life said...

Oh, this is just full of wonderful goodness. So charming, so pretty, such cute party goers with floppy ears! I enjoyed this party oh so much. Won't you join me and my fur baby at tea?

Sharon the garden fairy

permanentcloud said...

your party has been one of my favorites and i love your dogs! :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love it!
What wonderful pictures and treats!
I'm so very glad I stopped by.

Geralyn Gray said...

My name is Geralyn Gray and I am a blogaholic also. That's why I love a good party---and your guests are the best. Look how happy they look in their party hats!! I am looking forward to your creative space blog party.

Anonymous said...

great party- cute guest!! lovely treats too! have a happy day-
xo natalea

Theresa said...

How lovely your tea party was! The guest of honor spectacular! Party hats on dogs~ what fun! Thank you for the lovely time. I hope you drop by my party~Theresa

Terri said...

Love your mad hatters and the food looks devine!

Debra said...

Dear Friend,
This is my first tea party! And you pampered me like a queen. The tea was devine. Dessert was yummy. Your guests are so sweet, they sure know how to dress up for a grand tea party. I feel relaxed now after spending the day with you. I'm going to visit your neighbors now.

Unknown said...

What an enchanting tea party! Love your photos! This is a very well done post. You have a delightful blog! Thank you for inviting me to your simply fabulous tea party! :)

Jean said...

Your tea party was wonderful, love the photos especially your 4 legged babies, very creative. thanks for inviting us.
jean in virginia

Deborah said...

OH MY! LoVe lOvE LoVe!!!! All of it! Rockey, Jasmine, oh yes Johnny! DEEEEEEEEEEELightful! Neighbor! Yes neighbor! There is a Share a Garden Sunday you might be interested in, from the little I just saw of your garden. It is Lovely! **blows kisses** Deborah

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! I love your dogs!

Chickenbells said...

What a lovely party...I felt right at home immediately and was so happy that I was not late...as I had to stop party hopping for a bit (it's the sugar you know...) Your dapper dogs are just phenomenal and I would love to invite you all to my place for our party as well...you will fit in just perfectly!!

Chrisy said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos! Come on over to my party - if you haven't quietly crept in already....

Mosaic*Queen said...

Your pups are ADORABLE!!! Happy to see a fellow Arizona girl at the party :-)
I must come back and check out your cottage! Lovely!!



Unknown said...

Oh My Goodess, I think I just fell thru the rabbit hole! I just popped in for the Etsy Cottage Style Blog Party snd found your wonderful blog. I hope you can come sit on my porch for a minute. I am definately asding you to my blog list!

Shell said...

A lovely tea party with beautiful food and tea cups. Rocky, Jasmine and Harley are adorable in their hats. I can see why Rocky is the love of your life.

Gourdqueen said...

Whimsy, sugar, sparkle, tea and pups!!!
My favorite party!

Whisperings 13 said...

What an enchanting party! and your guests are simply smashing! how daper! The cookies are jsut scrumtious- Thank you!
What a lovely hostess!
Have a magical mad party day!

Karin said...

so lovely!

i am also a Karin (an I, not an E) and i live in Scottsdale...nice to find a blog of a neighbor!


Dee said...

what a lovely party and an amazing blog! thanks for having us over today, I'll certainly be back.

You’re invited to please visit stop by and visit my party where we’re having a tea of a time!!

The Stylish House said...

Very cute party and the pups were a great touch. It will be fun to follow you. Cathy

apparentlyjessy said...

Another beautiful tea party! Your guests are gorgeous pups! And the spread is charming!


Kat said...

Your tea party was amazing, all the treats and teacups were lovely, and your dogs are wonderful. Happy tea party day to you!

vivian said...

Wonderful party! I love how your guests dressed up.. everything looks so pretty! great blog too!
thanks for coming to my tea party and for the sweet comments! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! have a sweet sunday!

Unknown said...

H Karen! You have a lovely blog and I got a kick out of your dressed up dogs for the tea party! Your home is gorgeous and your tea party looked amazing!


Renee said...

Your hatters had impecible manners.

Renee xoxo

Melissa Valeriote said...

Oh I hope I'm not too late for some of your yummy treats! Be sure to stop by my party today and enter my giveaway. The tea kettle is still boiling!

Unknown said...

What a GREAT party! It's taking me forever to get around to everyone but I am determined! Your photos are so wonderful and I love your party goers!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Beautiful magical BLOG!!! Oh, Jasmie and all the others are precious beyond words!!!

Thank you for being such a delightful part of WOnderland. Your home is beautiful and your table setting divine!!!

Barb said...

Oh Karen, you are the "hostess with the mostess!" What lovely and festive decorations not to mention the deee-licious cookies! :)
Such wonderful photos!
Now I am concerned, I recently sent you and e-mail an have not heard back from you. Perhaps you have just been busy preparing for your charming tea-party.

fawndear said...

So sorry I'm late. I just escaped my own Mad Party.

I must say I've had an enchanting visit and your tea party guest were truly handsomely well behaved. Much better than mine.
Oh and the vanilla caramel sounds delish.
Thank you for the relaxing visit.

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Karen, thank you for the tea and crumpets. It was a beautiful party.
Thank you for visiting my new blog and I will be sure to visit you often.

Linda said...

What a simply lovely tea party!!!
Cheers Linda

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Karen!
You are having fun,what wonders you created! I do love your blog.
Have a sweet week!

Anonymous said...

Which teacup is a fave? Hard to chose. But the one your holding with it's saucer is just perfect. Thanks, I'll eat my cake with the chocolate drizzle. yum!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, what a wonderful party. I clicked on your name on a comment you made on another post because of our name. I remember a Karen Valentine who was an actress years ago. No, I didn't think you were her, but I was delighted when I saw that you also live in Scottsdale. I've been here 20 years. I never liked the desert. I'm a beach - mountain lover, but now I love my desert. I guess we can get used to anything. Anyway, thanks for the party. Come visit my blogs sometime. One of them is called At Home in Scottsdale.

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Karen, awesome, simply awesome...I had a lovely time and am fill to the brim and I can't eat anymore goodies...thank you...have a honey of a day! Marlene :O)

Teacup Mosaics said...

I had so much fun at your party, yes I was late,late,late but couldn't miss this wonderful place.

Jen said...

It is so curious that these Mad Tea Parties are still going strong! I've yet to clean mine up, so please feel free to follow me back down the rabbit hole to Haute Whimsy before life goes back to mundane!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm Late-but what an extraordinary party you have here-I ❤ the dressed up Chandelier! It is fab!

Happy Party Hopping


TesoriTrovati said...

What a delightful tea party. Those guests are surely spiffy! I am so sorry to be so late!

I am still tea-partying! I am holding a giveaway of my own to keep the party rolling. Please come by and say hi at http://treasures-found.blogspot.com

Enjoy the day!

Valerie said...

Well, now THAT was about the most fun I've had in days!!! Well, since the last tea party I attended where the host disguised the margaritas in the sweetest iced tea glasses:o) You are adorable and so much fun!!! I want to gather up all my friends and come right over to your house!

PS. I'm VERY sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet pup :o(

LissyLou said...


blushing rose said...

Cute post ... ... have a wonderful 4th. TTFN ~Marydon

Kelly Lish said...

The most beautiful party I've ever seen!

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