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Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Welcome my friends, to the 2012 Where Bloggers Create blog party!! I know we are all going to have a wonderful time visiting all the blogs and soaking up more inspiration again this year! I decided to post a little early since so many of you have already started trying to get a sneak peek!! LOL!!!!

My space has changed a little since last year but the basic layout is the same since it is a small room and I don't have many choices for layout. The major change is that I finally painted all the black furniture white and creme! This change was caused by visiting all those gorgeous white studio's over the past several years and looking longingly upon them!!!!

I finally decided I needed to do what made me happy so white it became!!! If you would like to see what the room looked like before, you can click here.

I've also filled the room with a lot more vintage goodies since last year.
I have several pairs of these little beauties and I can't bring myself to alter them! They are too cute just as they are! (I do think I will turn one of the newer pairs into a pin cushion like I've sen all over the place.)
I got this idea from somewhere on line, although I'm not sure where. So whoever you are... You inspired me! Thank you!!!

As you can see my vintage scale collection is all over the house. I also have one of my favorite pieces of all time here in my studio. My architectural salvage angel. Isn't she a beauty??
I have the paper snowflakes I make at Christmas time hanging in the window, only here in my studio they are called "stars". LOL.

Every piece of furniture got painted white and distressed. I love how the room just has a soothing quality to it now.  Sometimes I come in here just to sit and watch tv when hubby wants to watch something lame on television. :)

The glass front cabinet was really a piece of junk we found at a garage sale for $5.00. I gave it a little TLC and now it holds all my jewelry making baubles, soldering equipment and mosaic glass pieces.
The  multi-drawered pieces came from JoAnne. You just put them together and finish them however you wish.

Ever since my friend Charlene gave me the idea of using cut glass to hold glitter, I've been collecting salt and pepper shakers whenever I find them. Now I have a nice collection and they hold all sorts of sparkling powders and glitters.

Last year this was full of books and magazines, but really wasn't being utilized well. Those went in the closet and I filled it with all my favorite fabrics so they are right at my fingertips when I need them.
This cubby unit was also filled with papers and ephemera, but I've been using all the lace and trims a lot more, so I moved out the paper and brought in the ribbons, lace and doilies.
I bought this doll along with 3 others on Ebay, planning on altering them. Well.... I haven't got around to that (and so many other fun projects that I want to do) but she was my favorite and I think I'll leave her alone. She looks happy where she is with a crown upon her head.

Does any one else love the sound of buttons going into in glass jars???
This is my collection of altered bottles. I went crazy and made several in a row, and then was done, and ready to move on to something else. Come on girls... I know you do that too!!!!!
The fabric door panel is where I moved all my paper ephemera and doo-dads. I like being abl to see what I have rather than keeping it boxed up. I usually have an out of site out of mind mentality, so it helps in the creative process if I can see what I have to work with around me.
I have an affinity for empty frames, so I decided to use some of them to create this piece last year.
It hold my favorite piece of advice for all time... "follow your bliss"
The chair is an office chair from Ikea. I just took two king sized matlesse' pillow cases and slipped one over the chair back and tucked the other onto the seat. I stays in place like it was made for the chair.
 I picked up this printers drawer at one of the Sweet Salvage sales and it holds bits and pieces of things I'm working on or (to be honest) whatever I don't feel like putting away at the time. :) The books are my two altered books I've made so far. The one in the back is my own creations and the one in the front was from Lisa McIlvains class at Paper Cowgirls this year. I have plans of making a few more before I (again) move on to something else.

And finally, my office where I actually spend the most time creating. No, it's not pretty jewelry or altered books, or fabulous mixed media art, but it is something I love to do. I get to create beautiful blog designs for all of you and I am grateful for that everyday!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio!! I can't wait to get started visiting all of you. If you haven't already done so, please turn off your word verification (if you use it) for a few weeks during the party to make it easier for everyone to leave a comment on your post. After all, we all like comments don't we??? (Just go to "Settings" > "Comments" and then "NO' for word verification.

Thank you all for Visiting!! Have a fabulous time!!!


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Anonymous said...

Oh I've been waiting for you to post your studio space! I love all of your fabrics and ribbons and jars of buttons...and that was a genius way to slip cover your chair....I never would have thought of that.

Thanks for adding my blog to your list. I am going to take all the time it takes to visit everyone...fun!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Barbara Rogers said...

Hi, so glad to see your work environment. It's so "feminine" compared to my muddy and dusty surroundings where clay turns into pottery. I enjoyed it, and will soon be looking at all the other's studios. This is a fabulous idea! Congrats, and thanks for all the work to pull it together.

Doni said...

How pretty Karen! Love all your lovely laces and whites...so sweet!! Thanks so much for hosting this great event. We truly appreciate you and your hard work.

Denise said...

I don't know if you have Me down for the party?I'm sure I asked to be apart of it.Your button has been on My sidebar.It will be a pleasure to see all the ideas. Denise

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen this space just keeps getting more lovely every year!!
Your seating area is so very pretty- love the gorgeous shade on the floor lamp!
Thanks so much for having this fun party-I have been looking forward to it for months as I finally have a space to show off! Still a work in progress but it's a start!

Bee blessed

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh yes dear Karen I totally agree it's so much happier all in white and cream! A beautiful change! :)
Thank your hosting this great event again to give us all a chance to share our creative spaces with other creative bloggers and inspire eachother!
xoxo~ Carola

Anonymous said...

very nice! just a dream!

Blue Lavender said...

Hi Karen,
Your space is amazing, I like it very much, everything is so romantic, I've been working preparing my craft room too, buying all kind of old furniture to restore, hopefully mine will look like yours in a few months.
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, have a great weekend,
Laura :0)

Dreams and Decor said...

Hi, Karen! Thank you for the wonderful tour of your amazing studio! I love how you "followed your bliss" & changed to the white/cream look that you wanted--so peaceful & serene! (although I loved last year's look, too!) Can't wait to join the party tonight! You are such a blessing for hosting it! It's so inspirational to see everyone's creativity, & I revisit the posts again & again all year through! Thanks again! Patti in Texas

Michaele Sommerville said...

I'm fairly certain your creative space is as close to Heaven as they come: breathtaking!



Sandy said...

Your room is amazing. Love the different shades of white that you did the entire room in....
I'm a bit confused, where is the link to the party?
I posted a comment to include me but just can't figure out how to get to the party...

Sandy said...

I just figured it out..lol
on the right side bar... let me
get busy going into everyones
blogs and I'm excited to see
what everyone has put up...

Maureen said...

Wonderful room Karen! So beautiful and peaceful; I simply adore all the vintage goodies.... I know what you mean by a refuge from the hubby's "choice" of entertainment... I do the same!

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful party... I have been looking forward to it for months!

Sandy said...


Just looked into mine and could you please change the link.. you put up the blog link not the post link...
sorry for the confusion
Thank you

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Oh Karen! What a beautiful creative space and haven of lace and all things vintage and lovely! Thank you for sharing and for hosting this marvelous party!!


Unknown said...

I love your space and love the white and cream. It is more soothing, although your studio was so pretty last year. I am still working on my studio, maybe next year I can join in. I am looking foward to being inspired by the creative spaces by all the talented folks out there. This is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Karen, your studio is as gorgeous as ever. Good for you for doing what makes you happy...both black and white themes are gorgeous. Love all the details, and I started to keep my glitter in similar shakers. Had my daughter paint them. You're such an inspiration and I could not wait to get started. ;)
Hope you stop by and meet Love. Her dressing room tour is now open.
Thank you for hosting and you know I'll be back several times.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful, Karen! I'm glad you went with what you love with those furniture color. I love that lampshade in the first picture. I have a stray lamp with a shade that needs to be done that I plopped in my room. I need electric on that side, so I'm not in any hurry. Love how you use those old salt and pepper shakers. They are so pretty yet functional. I'm sure I'll get lots of ideas again this year from everyone else's creative spaces. Thanks so much for hosting!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Karen,
I love everything about your beautiful creative space and office.
You have added so many pretty details and I love the white transformation.
I'm going to just enjoy all the party goers this year. Our home is for sale so I have kinda dismantled my craft/sewing area.

I shall live vicariously through yours and everyone elses.


melanie said...

it all looks so fantastic...still making last minute changes to mine before I pick up the camera...thanks again for hosting this fun event!

stefanie said...

its perfectly dreamy!!!!

Rachel said...

You have a beautiful creative space and it all looks so serene and inspiring. Wonderful! :-)

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Karen,

Oh goodness - your studio is so charming. I love your new white and think that it showcases your vintage collections better than the black. Your scale collection is great and your studio space is stunning. Thank you so much for hosting the blog party.
Have a creative day.
P.S. I love my new banner and I am so happy that it was ready in time to attend the party!

Jessica said...

I would love to be added to the list...posted my "creative space" today www.earthcookiecreations.blogspot.com

Love your blog!!! I'm having so much fun visiting everyones blogs!

Queenie Believe said...

YOur studio is like a dream come true, enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always Queenie

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Just beautiful , Karen! Full of so much inspiration! I have been looking forward to this event now for quite awhile!!
Thanks so very much for hosting this party and for all the work you do so we can sit back and enjoy seeing everyone's creative space!
You are greatly appreciated!!


Unknown said...

I love your space...I could live there....lol!!! I love the way you have an office area and creative area. (You make beautiful blogs by the way).

The office chair pillow case cover is an awesome idea I have not thought about. Might just have to try that myself.

Thank you again for the inspiration, friendship, and beauty you bring us everyday!!!

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Such an amazing creative space!! love all the details and imaginative ways to hold and display your supplies. Thanks for the tour!

StasaLynn said...

Oh my - your studio and office are awesome and absolutely gorgeous..... My space is not even up to par to yours - but I do love it anyway. I will try to get my party blog up tonight.

Thanks for all of your inspiration and for including me!

Take care and keep on creating! Much love,

Cherry Chick said...

Karen it's all just so Fabulous! I totally agree with your decision to paint your furniture white.
I love all the frill and fluff that you have surrounding you. How wonderful you must feel when you are in your room away from the "lame" TV shows...LOL. Even more wonderful you have another space for your office!
Thanks so much for hosting this event. I look forward to participating with my little studio and to viewing all of the other places where women create.


Mosaic Magpie said...

What an absolutly beautiful work space. I love your office even in the photo it gives off an air of peacefulness, I guess that is why your blog designs are always so nice. Thank you for all the work you have done to make this event possible....I can see cans of white paint in my future, due to your inspiration!

Linda K. said...

Absolute heavenly! White and cream are so calming. Your room is adorable and must be a joy to work in. I saw last years and what a beautiful white difference. Thanks for hosting again, Karen.

Queen Bee Cottage

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Your space is adorable Karen!
All in white is perfect though last year it was fantastic too. I love all your vintage things.
I collect glass salt shakers too, they are so cute...
Besos from Argentina, Silvina.

Cache-Mire said...

Just lovely!! I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you!

deb said...

Your studio is a dream! Love all the creams and white. Hoping one day mine will be that too. Your work is beautiful!
Thank you for having this party. Off to see everyone elses spaces
*hugs* deb

Betty said...

What a beautiful place to create in. You have inspired me to work on my space and hopefully will join you next year.

Unknown said...

Karen, Just a great studio. So serene, and having all your treasures around to inspire you is heavenly. Thanks for hosting the party. Best wishes!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your "Creative space" is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Enjoy your weekend.

Valery Klassen said...

Your studio is what I dream of! It's gorgeous and so feminine. You inspire me to create every day and, just like yourself, I get caught up in a craft and then make several before moving on to my next creation. Just finished making a few altered bottles myself and love them so much I don't want to give them away as intended birthday gifts. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do. I'm so glad we are cyber friends. Hugs to you <3


You have my Dream studio!!! SO many pretty and inspiring treasures.
I would just keep enjoying your space and not get any crafting done!

Unknown said...

love love love this!!! Your space is just so beautiful!!!! :D I have no words girl! fantastic!


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Oh my! Your space is crafter's heaven!! Can I move in? You have so many beautiful supplies and the room is artfully arranged. Thanks so much for hosting the party! Looking forward to seeing everyone's creative spaces!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Beautiful and totally you! (and I don't even know you :)) Thank you for hosting this fun hop - I am looking forward to seeing everyone's spaces!

Uniquely Yunikua said...

I wish mine as beautiful as yours... ;)

Kathy said...

Karen, your studio is just stunning! I have onlyvisited 6 or 8 blogs so far and my head is already spinning with ideas and inspiration. Thank you so much for hosting this event!!

Vicki Boster said...

Karen --
I am totally in awe of your beautiful space for creating -- it is absolutely gorgeous. It is YOU -- it is truly everything that I thought it might be.

Your vintage treasures are exquisite -- I'd love to pilfer in your collections all day long. I love the way you have your collections displayed -- it's easy to tell that this is the place that speaks to your soul.

Thank you so much for once again hosting this incredible event -- THE most amazing event for bloggers everywhere! I know you spend hours and hours putting this all together for us-- thank you my friend!

Your photos -- as always -- as truly gorgeous!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh my goodness I love your space, it's sooo inspiring and beautiful!! :) Still hoping around to others' blogs! :) Thanks for hosting this awesome amazing parttttty! :) Have a happy weekend!
xo Holly @ Damita's Pretty Wrap~

Anonymous said...

Karen, your office is beautiful! It's so feminine and full of lovely treasures! I love you collection of buttons,lace and fabric! I would never leave here! Thank you for hosting another amazing party! I discovered this a year ago when I started blogging. It was and still is such an inspiration!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Love all the changes you made in your workspace Karen. So many neat ribbons, lace and sparkling things to create with.

Sandra Kaye said...

Very lovely space my dear!!! I always enjoy creating in it with you. Big hug!!

Beth said...

Your space is so beautiful, Karen! You are definitely a creative soul...and techie too...hmmm, cannot call you left brain or right brain dominant. Thanks for sponsoring this party and thanks for my blog design. I have gotten many compliments on it and I love it!!! ~ Beth

Terry said...


I must get myself some jars for my buttons. I am also going to go searching for pillow cases for my chair.

Thank you for hosting and for sharing your fabulous ideas.


White Lace and Promises said...

love your space. found out you from Rebecca at A Gathering Place. I do like the way you changed from black to white. White is not the absence of color-to me it IS color! Love what youve done. wish i had a space. maybe i cand change a closet into something:)

Faye said...

Your studio looks amazing! Thank you so much for this awesome party! Such a great idea.

Romeo said...

Loved your studio last year, even if the dogs chased me going in. But this year I REALLY love it with all the white. My errant strand of fur won't show up as easily! Which means that purrhaps you'll let me visit more! Yes, yes a good choice indeed! And piles of fabric and lace, another very good choice. "She" also had changed her book/magazine location for the same reason as you, and couldn't be happier. I'm okay with it really - gives me a variety of napping materials, as some days I'm in the mood for a full page spread to lay my whiskered head on and other days, I purrfer the soft alure of old hemp or linen fabrics. Well it's all very lovely indeed, but then I wouldn't have expected anything less from you of great creative powers :) Thanks for hosting yet another wonderful year of Where Bloggers Create! We appreciate you!

Purrs and hugs,

Romeo and "her"

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

HI Karen, I"m not sure how to join this party but I would just to be a part of it!
Also I have to say I love the changes you have made in your space from last year. It is lovely with the whites and creams. I'm getting ready to pain my daughter's bathroom and she is leaving to get married. I told her it is time for a change! When I saw your room and the colors, and how beautiful it is I decided this is the color scheme I want to go with. Just lovely!
Have a blessed week.

Unknown said...

Hi Karen Everything is just beautiful and so inspirational, love all the dreamy vintage goodies and laces, I just love it all!!! I'm finally up after having my Grandson for 2 days so I will visit everyone else tomorrow as I'm plumb tired. Thank you for hosting another great year and when you are out of work or bored, lol I need 2 columns on my Lulu's Lovlies Blog. Pic's are so much better, Again thank you sweetie and now I'm going to hint the couch in my new creative space:) Hugs and love you, Marilou

Helena White said...

Karen your space is so warm and inviting. I love the ivory/white makeover. The vintage touches are perfect. Thank you for being such a gracious hostess and making us newcomers so welcome ♥ ஆ

•●♥ ♫ Ӝ̵̨̄♫ ჱܓ♥ ჱܓ
(¯`*•.¸♥♫ ♫ B░E░A░U░T░I░F░U░L ♫ ♥¸.•*´¯*♥

www.raemissigman.com said...

Beautiful Beautiful Space!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Here I thought I was early and find I'm actually running behind. I love the changes you have made and your desk. What a clever idea to cover your desk chair with pillow cases. Now THAT was inspiring.

Dawnll said...

oh my goodness this is unbelievable!!!
I love how you painted the furniture this year, oh I want to spend time in your room...love all the changes.
So sad I didn't get to join in this year~ hope to be back next year

Unknown said...

What a beautiful and very creative workspace! I especially love the vintage touches and the sweet old pieces of needlework like the doilies that remind me so much of my sweet grandmother. Thank you for a lovely visit and a fun blog party.

Rhonda said...

Let the swooning begin! I read your words and I felt like they were coming out of me. I want to paint everything now...if only time allowed. You have inspired me to do so. Merci beaucoup!

I don't know where to begin, as you space is so wonderful, I keep scrolling up and then down again.

Simply beautiful, Karen. The layered frames and shabby cubbies are my favorites. Big sigh..love them.

Deb S said...

Love your space - so inspiring and such pretty little things!! Thanks for having me in your hop. Fun!

marie said...

Your studio is wonderful. I love the new colors. The cabinet of fabric is beautiful and I love the hooks filled with hanging lace. Oh, I just love it all!

It's so sweet of you to host this again...I participated last year and truly enjoyed it. I wasn't able to this year because my craft room is re-locating to another area in my house...but I sure will enjoy visiting everyone's special places...so much inspiration!!

bobbie said...

Karen ~ your space is so soft and pretty; I'd never get any work done in there!! I love how you've 'whitened everything up ~
Thanks again for throwing this great party ~ I'll be in touch about a blog redo when the hoopla dies down a bit...

The Feathered Nest said...

Karen, I just LOVE the transformation!!!! I loved it before too though...can I love BOTH? Just gorgeous girl ~ It's wonderful seeing all of your stash and sweet old elements. To be surrounded by what you enjoy is truly inspirational to me!! Thanks so much for hosting this great blog event, hugs and love, Dawn

Geralyn Gray said...

Love how everything is white.....it is such a nice look. Thanks for hosting such a great party......always my favorite thing to check out is everyone's studio.

Into Vintage said...

I love, love, love seeing everyone's creative spaces -- thanks so much for hosting this and for sharing all the photos of your creative space. It's gorgeous!

Tanya said...

Hello! Oh, how I love your workspaces, they are phenominal! Thank you for sharing them. I am so very very new to the blog world. just purchased your book. Havent had time to sit down with it, yet. I dont have a clue as how to attend a blog party or anything. Just know I want to do this so very badly!
Thank you again for sharing!!

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to see this early!!!!
I really enjoyed touring your space, Karen. It's full of beauty and inspiration and looks like a place where anyone can be comfortable.
Thank you so much, again, for hosting this party!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen, I just love your studio redesign and all the details. I adore organization using vintage finds and your space is perfect. So very inspiring with great ideas. I too redesigned my space and is totally different then years past. Going in a white direction here too and all through my home.
Loved your studio and thank you for sharing your time and talents with us all once again hosting this special event.
Have a great weekend and fun at the parties around blogland.
XO Celestina Marie

"Create Beauty" said...

This is truly delightful, seeing your fabulous studio photos! I love your beautiful storage ideas and the white furniture, you must feel so inspired and peaceful there.

Thanks for hosting this party again!
~ Violet

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Karen, thanks for hosting this wonderful party again. My creative space is the loveseat in our tv room where I blog from my laptop using an Ikea lap pad and surround myself with baskets of yarn and other supplies. :) It's so nice to visit and see the lovely spaces where others create. I love how you too pillowcases and changed the look of that Ikea office chair. Simple but very effective. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Dorothy Prudie Vintage said...

All I can say is S W O O N....
tis like heaven.

sweet violets said...

Love your creative space, it is sooooo you!!! I joined in last year, but can't this year because my studio is a disaster, and I'm involved with garage and craft sales so my many tables are being used elsewhere......leaving my many supplies on the floor, and stacked up everywhere......don't know when it will get back together....and by the way, I really miss creating up here!!! hugs...cleo

Unknown said...

Wauw, what a wonderful studio, i love all the vintage items and your beautifull creations!
Wat a nice weekend, i love your blog party!
Thank you very much for hosting dear Karen.
Hugs from Belgium,

Unknown said...

What a beautiful space Karen!!! Everything is absolutely gorgeous ...what a wonderful place to create in ~ pure inspiration!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Karen,

Your studio looks great! I'm like you in that this is the 4th year of the party. A lot has taken place in these 4 years.

Glad to be here again this year.
Queen Of Dreamsz
Stephanie Suzanne

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Karen, I loved your studio with the black furniture but I love it even more with the painted pieces. You've collected lots of beautiful vintage treasures and your supplies to use in your fantastic creations make me drool. Yes, I too love the sound of buttons going into a glass bowl or jar :-). Your place is very cozy and inviting. Thank you very much for sharing and for hosting this wonderful blog party!
Have a great weekend :-)!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Everything is GORGEOUS! Thank you for hosting us and instilling inspiration and creativity.

Love you sweets!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for seeing your creative space and I am not disappointed. All looks so perfect, clean, beautiful and all your goodies awaiting your creative hands.

I also love the look of your blog but your are a professional, aren't you ? :o)

I do not know if i will have the time to visit all the creative spaces participating in your party but at least I will try to visit everyone who will let a comment on my blog.

I wish you a creative summer.
Blessings and Bonjour de France !



Wow, your creative space is fabulous. I finally had something to show off this year. Missed getting on the list, but I'll know how to do it for next time.


Maggie said...

Dear Karen,
I have never seen a more stunning craft room, it is truly inspirational
I'm so happy that Vicki told me about your party and persuaded me to join in.
Thank you for your gracious hospitality.
I have to go back now and immerse myself in your beautuful studio!
Bon weekend

Ellen said...

Hi Karen, I'm speechless. What is this simply breathtaking. Your creations are beautiful!. Thank you so much that we could look around in your hobby world.

Big Hugs and have a nice weekend,

Chrislyn said...

Your studio is beautiful, Karen! It has such a cozy atmosphere. I could spend hours in there looking at all your goodies!


art by pam said...

Hi Karen - I agree the cream and white is so much better. I too love the all white studio decors. I am already thinking about changing things around in mine! It is so inspiring to see all the studios.
Thank you for hosting....

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW I love your space, its so pretty, Really like the white furniture. (I popped back and saw it before)
It feels like such a peaceful creative space, Thanks for sharing with us all and for hosting the WBC.
Love Hazel x

Ineke Original said...

SUPER!!! Just love it!

Victoria said...

What a beautiful space you've created, Karen! I'm going to borrow your idea of using pillowcases as a cover for an office chair, if you don't mind. I can't sew, so pillowcases should be just the perfect thing.

Thank you so much for hosting this party...now I'm off to visit other creative bloggers!

Victoria from Brushstrokes

Teacup Mosaics said...

I love the wonderful whites! I could stay and play in all your goodies for days.
Thank you so much for hosting this great event.
Party On!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Love your creative spaces, very peaceful and romantic.

I look forward to visiting all who have joined in this year. It is always inspiring to see other creative spaces.


Robin said...

GORGEOUS!! What a dream studio!

Unknown said...

Wow! Wonderful space to create! Love all of it! Like the white furnitures!
Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wow! Wonderful space to create! Love all of it! Like the white furnitures!
Thank you for sharing!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Karen
You really have been busy in transforming you beautiful studio - everything flows. Love your many vintage vignettes especially your glass shaker vignette and your cubbie which houses your collection of laces.
It is so wonderful to be able to surround yourself with all these beautiful elements to inspire you and us too!
Thank you so much for hosting this blog event and we really do appreciate the many hours that have gone into making it happen behind bloggers' eyes!
Big warm hugs,

Shari Replogle said...

I love the transformation Karen!
Your vintage scale collection is also wonderful. I love the saved doilies on top. I especially love the Ikea chair redo! So simple , and I would have never thought of it. (I have black Ikea office chair too and it sticks out like a sore thumb.) What a wonderful space, I would want to be there all the time too!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Such a magical creative space you have Karen!
Surrounded by all your inspirational supplies, and displayed so nicely, surely keeps your mind whirling with ideas!
What a fun place to be!

Lisa said...

Love the changes you've made, it's all wonderful~

ANNE said...

I so love your space - it makes me feel like I've gone back in time. So beautiful and inspiring. Someday I'll organize myself this well! lol

Thank you for hosting this fabulous get-together again. I love visiting everyone.

Have a great weekend Karen xox

Cottage and Broome said...

I loved your tour! What a beautiful creative space, the new white furniture is so soothing. This will inspire me to get my space in order and photograph it. Thanks so much for sharing, Laura

Sandy said...


i love the new look of your studo, so beautiful and serene!
thank you for hosting, i can't wait to visit all the inspirational spaces.


LauraO said...

Oh Karen, what a beautiful space you have. Your photos are lovely and it all looks so warm and inviting. I really enjoyed browsing around.

Thanks for hosting this tour - it's my first time participating and I know it will take me several weeks or months to visit everyone, but I will.


Tobeystrashortreasure said...

I love your spaces, both of them, your room where you create is amazing. What an incredible room to be inspired in. I am new to your blog and will definetly be back. thank you so much for sharing your space. Beautiful just beautiful

A China Cupcake said...

Your photography is so professional and
artistic! The studio spaces are pure inspiration.
lots of natural light. Beautiful Karen . Pat

Ntsisterz said...

I found myself "visually" crafting as I toured your lovely creative space. Thank you for this special treat that I look forward to each year!

Diane said...

Your studio is simply beautiful Karen! Loved visiting....=) xo

This N That said...

I just love your studio..What a fun place to visit...I've been wanting to paint some furniture white and then antique or "distress" it..I just haven't had the guts to paint natural wood and I think the distressing takes a certain talent..??Any suggestions??? Like you, every post I see seems to have white furnishings..Love the look..The pillow cases are a great idea..one that I can probably pull off...Thanks again for my blog makeover..Love it...

Anne said...

How did I miss this beautiful blog before? So glad to touring so many beautiful creative spaces.Yours is lovely.Someday I hope to have my own.Hard to believe it but I really don't have anything set up special to call my own.I have a space.But I would not dare share it LOL.I am now following along now too!Have a wonderful weekend.

Kristi said...

I love your space! It is so beautiful and serene. I really like your vintage scales. I've been wanting to start collecting some too!
Thanks for hosting this awesome party!


Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

You have a lovely creative craft room. I can't decide whether I want to move into yours or Karla's (Karlas Cottage).

Chris Flynn said...

Wowie Zowie! such an amazing space. I REALLY, REALLY like the white! Good for you. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!

Elna said...

What a lovely place you have and so many great things and a lot of links to other blogs. Have a nice evening.

Hugs from a rainy Sweden

Sandy said...

Hi Karen, thanks for the e's and yes
I do understand.. this is for space that
we use to create, not a space that we
created.. where was my brain?
I have gone through dozens of posts
and am having Creative Space Envy.. have to get me ready for next year!
Love your post and your beautiful space.

Lori said...

I've been waiting a YEAR to see what you've done to your room. All I can say is...WOW! Love the cubby of laces and the frame--"follow your bliss"--I'm going to have to borrow this idea. Seeing your room has really inspired me. Oh, and I'm going to cover my ugly black desk chair with King sized pillow cases. Thanks for the inspiration, Karen!

fairyrocks said...

The things you do....such style.
It is magical in the whites. I am in serious awe. Your studio is beyond beautiful, like a breath of fresh air and home all rolled into one. Thanks so much for hosting this huge party of like minded people. Off to peruse the goodness.

Sherry said...

I thought I left a comment when I first read your post. I may have but I did want to tell you that I think your studio is fabulous. I am trying to paint all of my furniture white but have not done so, maybe by next year. Thank you for your hard work and I am so looking forward to visiting all of the studios listed.

Breana said...

Karen thank you for bringing all of this together. Your studio is very pretty a I love being able to get a glimpse into everyone else's too!

Sharon Morrison said...

Love your studio. Next year I will join you and post my studio. This is so much fun!!! A good way to meet new people and make friends.

Kay Ellen said...

Happy Happy blog-party day sweet Karen!!

I am so glad you shared your party with me:)))
What a fun concept to share with other artful women!

I can't wait to check out out everyones spaces!
I hope the cast iron pitcher arrived today!!!

Kay Ellen

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Dear karen,

Ohhh...your place is like a dream...
A very beautiful white dream!
I love al the things you show...your
nice decoration...I love them al..
It makes me so glad to see your
pretty world..

Thank you for sharing and happinessssss...

Love from Marijke
from Holland

Jan Hermann said...

Hi Karen...

What a lovely post - it's so good to see where you actually CREATE! What a great place to work.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate today. Since contracting Bell's Palsy, my energy level has been practically non-existent...and when I do have some energy, so many other things call, rather than working on organizing and staging my office/creative space for a post. Perhaps next year, I can participate!

Good luck.

Jan ♥

JoAnne said...

Stunning! Your space is breathtaking Karen. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event!

donna said...

Karen you space is beautiful. You are so creative. Thank you so much for sharing your space and hosting this wonderful blog party.

Lovey said...

So much beauty to behold Karen!

The Greeley Girls said...

Wow, you have done it again! Amazing space you have, it looks so dreamy. We are so happy to be a part of your blog party again this year!! Take care, XO


The Greeley Girls

My Vintage Mending said...

Thank you for hosting again this year Karen. Your space is simply beautiful.


Unknown said...

beyond gorgeous...a "vision in white!" wow..what a transformation. calming...peaceful. a beautiful creative haven Karen! loving all the details and trying to take it all in. I adore the salvaged architectural angel...so lovely! merci for hosting this most fabulous party each year!!what fun! ;)

Leanne said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful space, my friend! I am so happy for the opportunity to glimpse into the creative world of so many people (including you!) Thanks for faciliting this great party!

Holly Loves Art said...

It's just so dreamy and perfect. Thanks so much for hosting this fun event and for all the inspiration through the months.

Createology said...

Thank you so very much for hostessing this wonderful blog travelog. Your space is delicious and I adore how you have surrounded yourself with your treasures that inspire your creative muse. Blessings to you...

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Well, I'm obviously doing something wrong. I can't get your blog off Reader, so I'm not being allowed to view your wonderful party links or join. I'm so bummed. At least I can view your wonderful space. It's so gorgeous, Karen.


Patty Marker said...

Thank you for hosting us once again Karen. Your space is dreamy and I don't think I would ever come out. There is so much prettiness to take in. Just beautiful. Patty

Lida said...

Wow, I adore your rooms, they are both so inspiring! Wish you many happy hours creating! Greetings

Ava Gavloski said...

I have been waiting for this big day to start. I don't have a space to show during this tour, although I want to do the tour with everyone to see the beauty everyone has created.
Your white space is everything I ever dreamed of!!! Thanks for sharing

Evelyn said...

Beautiful space! I LOVE the cubby holes filled with laces and love the lace doilies on the old scale. Thank you for sharing your space.

Blessed Serendipity said...

I LOVED your studio space. What lovely treasures everywhere you look. Thank you so much for hosting this party and allowing everyone to take a peek into many many studios/craft spaces.


Lynn said...

Hi Karen,
Your room is amazing!! I love the whites and creams you used in your decorating choices. I love all the chippy, distressed furniture pieces. I love your collection of altered bottles. Do you have a how to on how to make those anywhere? Thank you for organizing this amazing blog hop!

Unknown said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love all your new goodies Karen! thanks again for hosting this amazing party, I love joining in the fun! Marcia

BECKY said...

Wow Karen! It is all just heavenly! What a beautiful space to create in! Thanks so much for sharing! Truly inspirational!

Unfortunately, my studio isn't done, so I'm not participating. Please just remove my name from the list so people don't get irritated. I notice several people came over from here today. Thanks again! I will definitely be participating next year!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. I love the remodel. You did a beautiful job. I love white too and hope to have more of it someday. You have such a wonderful touch putting it all together. You are so gifted. I just finished adding all my photos. Sure was a motivated to get it all cleaned up. Thanks once again for having this party. xoxo joanna

Lynn said...

Lovely! I love all the laces and doilies but my fave idea is your glitter shakers!

Kathleen Jennette said...

What a beautiful space! I didn't realize how disorganized I am until I saw your wonderful room!

Shell said...

Your creative space is beautifully dreamy. Sigh...one day when I have a room of my own, I want a space just like yours with an added small stage for me to work on my acting.

Anonymous said...

Karen your space is beautiful, warm, and inviting. Thank your for hosting a lovely gathering!

xo, abby

Kelly said...

Thanks for linking me to the blog hop! I am still at awe of your room. You have everything I love and you display it so well. Thank you for sharing your space with us and letting us in on all the fun too.
Kelly Neis

Charmaine Hansen said...

I'll be arriving in a few hours to move in...Wow what a space etc.etc.
Overwhelmed, awed and just love seeing such talent! You are my Yoda!

Marrianna said...

Geez, do you actually read all the comments? So far, I'm #124. I'm impressed. What I like so much about your Where Bloggers Create is that I've always wanted to see the creative spaces of other artists. I need ideas for my two workrooms. I see a trip to Sweet Salvage and IKEA in my future.

It's 7:30pm on Saturday, 7-14-12, and it's raining outside, very cool, and my little shih tzu doesn't like it. The sounds make her very uncomfortable. Me? I'm loving all the moisture here in Northern Arizona.

See you soon at Art Unraveled.


Maureen Hayes said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and what a post to start with. Since I am a shabby chic/romantic/vintage girl myself, your studio sings to my heart!!

Thanks so much for sharing, not I can dream about a space like this for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi! your space is amazing. I love all the neutral colors, the laces the buttons the...... just everything. Thank you for having this delightful blog party. I have been enjoying visiting my visits to everyone's space. It seems like I have been visiting all evening and I have barely seen a handful, I get caught up in viewing all the past posts :) everyone is so amazingly talented. I was about to go to bed when I realized that though I had visited your space I had not said hello. Hello! lol but now I really must say good night. Will be back to visit tomorrow and hop on to some more wonderful spaces.
Huggs ~Iantha~

Ellie said...

your white studio, and how each nook and cranny is filled with charm and the unexpected.

I have looked forward to your party since last August. I visit the creative spaces of your participants over and over throughout the year, "sitting," drooling,and dreaming for a spell in their magical ateliers.

Karen, thank you more than you know for throwing "Where Women Create" party each year. It is a major summer celebration on my calendar.

And thanks to all of you ladies (and gents) who so graciously share a part of your lives.

Karen, what a blessing you are to us - whether we blog or just enjoying reading blogs of others'.

EnchantedBella said...

Hi Karen, I am so excited! I would love to be added to the party list. Everyone has such beautiful creative spaces. Not sure mine will measure up but I want to show it off anyways. Thank you and your space is just wonderful. Lots of inspiring ideas.
Rebecca /

Anonymous said...

You creative space always inspires me:) I did not take part this Year as my Room is still not decorated from last Year:(
But all the Blogs are such an inspiration

Dorthe said...

Dear Karen, OH what can I say but : stunning!
Your studio is a marvelous place of beauty and creativity. I love every tiny piece you have collected ,and every gorgeous piece you have created. Love your old weights wearing lace and plant-love your dolls, and every corner is so cosy, and wonderful, like the one where you have your computer- so beautiful.
Thankyou for inviting and showing. I have not had time to "dress" my own studio for this occation this year. Maybe next yearI will happily take part in your wonderful happening.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks so much for sharing all the beautiful photos. Love your office and the design area is totally a feminine delight. I've convinced myself of the painting thing, but so much humidity here now.
Visiting today was like an awesome little tour in dreamland..you've displayed things in great fashion. Thanks for the fun.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love the color changes. You are right. It is soothing. And I am like you. If I can't see it, I forget to use it. Your studio is wonderful. Thank you for this event.

Anonymous said...

Hey There!
Hope your weekend is going well. Well, I found your blog though Plumrose Lane. All I can say is WOW. First of all I thought I was in heaven, your house is beautiful. I am in the process of moving to our home soon and now am collecting items for the look that you have. I also started my own blog about our life just married, and what it turned into was a contact for my family,of day to day things that are happening. I am trying so hard to get a look that your blog has. I also have been an artist one way of another all my life. Most of my kids are grown, but I will take any direction you have to put me on the right track.
Lisa Rose

Pat said...

Karen, Sure enjoyed seeing your studio and office. I love that you made it all white...I know you love the 'mood' it puts you in while you are in there. Very conducive to creativity, don't you agree? I LOVE all the vintage stuff...I guess that's something we all have in common. Makes me want to visit the flea market...NOW! I also love that it's so organized...loved the hooks with your laces pieces hanging from it in such good order.
Baby shoes, lacey things, and those buttons...yes, I too, love the sound of buttons falling into glass jars...or bowls. LOVED your pretty office...mine is much more utilitarian..you've given me 'ideas!' We share the same kind of computer (thanks to my son!) Such a treat to visit your sanctuary. ENJOY many hours there, dear friend, and thanks for sharing!! And, Oh, I should mention..I always love visiting your blog!! pat

Unknown said...

finally got my studio pics up, but they are a little embarrassing compared to the amazing studios linked up here! Yours especially. WOW! http://jessicasporn.blogspot.com/2012/07/why-crawl-through-life-when-you-have.html

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello Karen! How fabulous it is to have this blog party again this year. I'm loving your new vintage finds (love the scale, baby shoes and all the lace everywhere). Your room reminds me of a fun antique furnishing store - so many great things to take in. It was so great to meet and chat with you last September - I'm sad that they aren't having that event any longer. It was one of the best events I've attended. Well, I must be off to visit more blogs in this party now - have a wonderful day and thanks again for organizing and hosting. Until the 5th annual Where Bloggers Create... ;-)


pballard said...

Hello there. Just wanted to say I love your creative space. I am your newest follower! Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Karen! Your office.studio is stunning! I have been captivated by all the shabby whites, too - but everything I have is in natural wood tones! It seems to do the library and book thing better - which is the foundation of my work. Though, I've a grand white 1930's two level stove and oven on legs that belonged to my grandmother, re-purposed to hold my scraping and art supplies. I think I may give myself another year to really pull my space into gear before I think about participating in the "share your space" party. Loving all the inspiring artists!!


Unknown said...

Hi Karen!
First off, a huge THANK you for being such a gracious hostess and organizing this fabulous evet for the fourth year. How inspiring and amazing it is to see that woman all over our globe are soooo creative, and their space so reflect this.

Absolutely am in love with your redo....your tone on tone on tone is just so dreamy and inviting. If i ever have a 2nd home, i would be gleaning many of your decorating ideas. It abounds everywhere...and how you have incoporated it all is eye candy for me.

Love it all!

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Karen - your space is gorgeous! I love the feminine and vintage feel so much my heart aches. It's exactly how I wish my studio felt as I walked in every day. *sigh*

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


paola said...

Your craft space is FABULOUS!!! i am so pleased to have stumbled upon your blog and the event, i am in the throes of sorting out my own craft room and would love to participate, however i didnt find a linky to add my own space to, pls could you be in touch and let me know how i would go about participating.

Diana Seal said...

WOW, I'm speechless! It's absolutely gorgeous! You are a true inspiration.

Dianie said...

simply beautiful!

You have so many lovely, creative pieces, and have displayed them so creatively.
I really like the distessed white furniture, it just gives the room such a vintage romantic ambiance.

Thanks so much for the tour of your space, and thank you for hosting such a wonderful party.


Something Special said...

We think alike! This past year, I have collected many lonely salt and sugar shakers, and antique bottles. I just drool when I look at your home and your creative space! Love it so much and thanks for hosting this event once again.

Unknown said...

Thank you for hosting this wonderful party! Your studio is beautiful, as always, and it's fun to watch it change from year to year. I love your frou-frou lampshade!

libithina said...

How very lovely - thankyou so much for sharing your lovely home so many lovely crafts, and- I love the idea of yur snowflakes haning in the window - what a lovely idea also to have a party for bloggers - a beautiful get together - so enjoyed - hugs Lib

Anonymous said...

Karen! I just had to come back here and thank you again for hosting this amazing blog party....I had an incredible time....and my daughter was here with me ... we went through each and every link on your side bar....and I'm pretty sure we didn't miss any! There were so many different styles....and it was great to see how other's work in their own personal spaces!

thanks again. xoxo

ciao bella

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Thank You making the party work out.Your area is so pretty and white and cream. Laura

Cindy said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog! I love the new cream and white colour scheme. (But the black and white was also elegant) Thanks for organising this wonderful inspiration tour!
Cindy :)

Lynette Killam said...

Oohh...I love your sweet and girly space, Karen! I dream of the simplicity of monochrome but colours and patterns reach out and grab me even when I try to resist...LOL. I was absolutely charmed by your frame project, and your computer space. What a joy it must be to spend time there.

This was so much fun...thank you for stopping by my place, and for hosting this grand event...:)

Faded Charm said...

Your space is so inviting Karen..love it!! I want to thank you for holding this party because of you...I finally got my space all painted and reorganized and it feels so good. I guess I work better under pressure because I did all this in just a few days( and nights spent up way too late painting a few ofthe pieces) since we were going to be gone on vacation the week before the party and I knew I just couldn't miss it this year:-)

Thanks again for being such a gracious hostess each year!


Marrianna said...

Thanks, Karen, for getting back to me. I love the look of the blog. I'm going to participate in Vicki's GROW YOUR BLOG party in January and just sent her an email.

I plan to PhotoShop some new photos tomorrow and will post them to my blog. And I will make an announcement on the Typepad blog.

I haven't really looked at everything on the blog but I'm hoping you put your button on there already. I don't want to get into that challenge yet. If not, I'll get to it sooner than planned.

I will definitely promote you to my Art Unraveled Yahoo Group. In fact, I sent an email about Sweet Salvage and about you today. It should come out tomorrow and maybe you'll get some new clients.

Take care, Marrianna

Rita Barakat said...

I love looking at your wonderful space! So many gorgeous things to look at! Thank you for hosting this!!!

Marlynne said...

Simply Beautiful Karen! I guess I'll have to do the Altered Bottles next! Thanks for the beautiful tour!

Anonymous said...

How fun this has been. I will definitely be doing this again. Your room is so lovely, warm and welcoming.

I also wanted to thank you for the free tips for blogging. I have already incorporated a couple of them, like centering my heading.

Thank you for visiting my room and for your kind comments.

Diane said...

Your studio is so beautiful and beautiful. I'm sure I will be coming back to visit again and again.

I missed the boat this year and didn't get to join (I did two years ago) Hopefully I will be in that list next year. Diane

Diane said...

Lame show on TV! I burst out laughing. I think a lot of us can relate to that!

LiliKrist said...

Why so many people paint their studio with white color? White is easily to get dirty right...that's why I use another color, mixed yellow and green =)
BTW...thank you Karen for hosting a challenging blog party like this one. This is my first time to join.

farmhouse-story said...

thank you for hositng, karen! this was my 1st year and it's been fun hopping around to such special places:) and your studio is beyond amazing! love all the different whites, esp.:)

Sumaya at Evocative Vintage said...

I've just become your latest follower. I came over from Angie Knick of Time. Your studio is absolutely dreamy. I love every touch, every details, every corner....beautiful!

EllenaElizabeth said...

Pretty as a picture Karen. I love the doll with the crown. She has such an unusually pretty face. Thanks for sharing your studio and thanks for hosting WBC 2012 oh and thanks for my new blog design. You're the best!!

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Hi girl,
You're doing a fabulous job on the party this year as usual. I do love the new lighter look of your studio furniture. It does really make your space more tranquil and inspiring. I LOVE it! Also, I ADORE the sound of buttons going into glass jars, there's nothing so delightful in all the world. :) Hugs!

Angela Weimer said...

Love, Love, Love your space! So inspiring and calming. thanks again for organizing another wonderful party. I so do look forward to it each year. So many wonderful ideas out there. Angela

Gloria Westerman said...

Ok Karen....you have again inspire me to redo my room....I couldn't bear to showcase it this year....to much going on in my life and in my craft room....but I know what I want and again it's your room....thank you so much for sharing....
PS....I'm going to be stalking your pictures for a while......just wanted to let you know....
Also would love to see a tutorial on how you did your bottles....they are fantastic.....gotta have them too.....

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your studio space! I am the same as you. Neutrals. Neutrals. And more neutrals. No other than that!! :)

have a great day!

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah

Little Miss Maggie said...

Hi Karen, Your space is amazing. I could only wish to have a space like that. I was going to share my space, but I'm not finding the link party. Am I missing something?

Diana said...

Oh Karen, Your studio is gorgeous. Thank you for hosting this jumble of lovely goodness each year to inspire our souls. I just love it. I did post late this year but I have a good excuse. I was in a minor car accident and completely forgot.
Hugs, Diana

Jenny said...

Thank you Karen for all the work you have put into this event. I've visited many but still have many to go. As always, you creative studio is truly inspirational. Take care.


kecia deveney said...

thanks for hosting again, Karen! i know it's a lot of hard work, but we appreciate it.

Your studio is so full of rich texture! it's quite dreamy and I saw a chair I'd like to sit and relax in! i see we collect (like most of us!) alot of the same goodies!

wish i could run into you again!


thanks for the studio visit on my blog!

Michellee said...

Your studio is so beautiful... I can look at your photo's all day long.. Thanks for hosting this AWESOME Blog Party..

Sara said...

wow its such a beautiful room I would almost kill for that sort of space. I love how you store your glitter. Hugs Sara

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Karen! Your spaces are FAB.U.LOUS. Love the white re-do in your studio... I love black too, but it really is so soft and restful now. Everything looks amazing.

Can't wait to see what all the other chickies are letting us see! I didn't participate this year......again......not finished. ;-(


marga said...

Wow Karen..........i loved your studio last year and i love it even more this year, because of the light furniture. Love everything it and all your beautfull creations. Maybe next year i'm in!
Hugs Marga

Unknown said...

Your studio is so beautiful and soothing looking - love it! And all the gorgeous things in it LOL I've seen really cute snowmen made out of the old salt shakers - heads put on and then glitter in the glass part.

debi said...

Karen, your studio is so beautiful! Love the white furniture. You have so many pretty and fun storage ideas.
Thanks for hosting another great party....I'm off now to visit all the inspiring studios.

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