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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Forsythia Blooms

Last week while at my local grocery store I passed a huge bucket of Forsythia blooms. I have never seen them here in my neck of the woods so I snatched up two bunches and happily brought them home.

They should last several weeks as one bunch was already blooming and the other had not yet opened it's flowers. I love the twisting branches and the delicate little flowers. Spring is already in full swing here with temps averaging in the 80's but getting up near 90 a time or two.

The mornings are absolutely lovely to spend in the garden outside. (I'll show you what I've been doing out there soon.) I hope are enjoying your Spring, and if you are having Spring snow where you are... stay warm and know that it will soon pass!!!!


Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Lovely blossoms! I wish I could get out in the garden, but it doesn't seem to want to warm up here. Way behind this year. Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on!

AliMc said...

Love Forsythia! Not sure f it will grow in your neck of the woods, but if it will it roots easily in water or dirctly placed in soil. No rooting hormone required in my experience.

Susan Freeman said...

So pretty and I love your vignette!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Unknown said...

Very pretty. Enjoy them. I am trying to force some pear blossoms. Hoping...
Hugs, Gee

Romeo said...

WHAT?! 80's and 90's?!?! You moved right into summer!!! Can I come visit ;)

Those Forsythia branches look great in your house! I can even see the little green leaves! How perfect is that?!?!

Enjoy your weather!

"her" and Romeo

Art and Sand said...

This is the second blog lately that mentioned forsythia. I did not know what it is. I will have to find some because I have the perfect bucket in the entry that needs something sweet to fill it.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Angela Richardson said...

Oh how I love Forsythia, it always means Spring is under way and can be found in many British gardens. However, no sign of Spring here, just temperatures below freezing and winds from the Arctic. Brrr.. Great for drying the washing though.
Enjoy your mornings in the garden and send us a little bit of sunshine.
Sending you hugs and smiles,

bolletjelucky.blogspot.com said...

Hi Karen,it really looks like spring in your home,I think it's beautiful.Here in Holland the sun is shining but it is still freezing at night.In the daytime with the sun on my head it's cosy,greetings Miranda

Unknown said...

They are really pretty. They add just a sweet touch of color to a room. My husband and I have been working on our yard too. Trying to get it back in shape since we had those few cold days of cold. It's paitience waiting for them to bloom. Looking forward to seeing your yard. Have a beautiful and creative day....chickie

VM Creation Atelier said...


Such amazing post....fillt with a pure Spring feelings!!!
Amazing inspirational:=)))*

Wish to you wonderful Easter time,


This N That said...

No spring mornings in the garden yet..Snow is gone but it's cold and windy..

karen hess jewelry said...

Wow! This was a touch of home! Watching the forsythias bloom around Easter every year was always a popular background for my Dad's photography. Unfortunately, it always looked like the brothers and I were growing something out of the top of our heads!!

Love this flowering shrub and I'll keep my eye out for some in our stores.

Happy Easter, my friend.

Pendra said...

Spring sounds a little like summer and a lot like Heaven to me, in your neck of the woods! We hit 47 degrees this afternoon, it hasn't been that in many, many months and I actually wore a sweater out instead of a BIG winter coat today. We still have at least a foot of snow on the ground, but you are right, it will pass soon!
Happy Spring!

Words and Pictures said...

They look so beautiful amongst your lovely belongings!
Alison x

Curtains in My Tree said...

If our snow ever all melts and we get up to 60 degrees I am sure our forsythia will be blooming, it always blooms first here in Missouri, our sign Spring is here

Rhonda said...

I'm so happy I stopped in, our weather has been so gorgeous, hasn't it?

Have a wonderful Easter, Karen.

Sheila Rumney said...

The last of the snow if finally gone today... hoping spring is around the corner for us! Love your beautiful display of blooms.

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Karen-- we have lots of forsythia here in my "neck of the woods"! The bright yellow blooms are a sure sign of spring! Your springtime photos are just beautiful!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend--

Kadee Willow said...

We had loads of forsythia bushes on the side of the house when I was a kid. They can look so scraggly when they are not in bloom or have their summer leaves. However, when they come back to life after the dead of winter, they are glorious! I had no idea that you would not have bunches of these in floral shops every spring! So glad you got some imports and they will last for quite awhile. My grandmother would always cut them and bring them indoors to force the blooms. Just so cheery and delicate!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Each time I click on one of your posts, I want to redecorate my house! lol

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Edith DUTERTRE said...

je découvre un très joli blog ♥♥♥
merci pour ce partage
à la maison le Fortysia est en fleur
à bientôt
edith (iris ) France

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and have enjoyed very looking around; you have a beautiful aesthetic. I do not have a blogger blog but I do have a blog and I think my readers and kindred spirits would also enjoy your site- I’ll send them over for a look-see.

Bonita Jane said...

I just love your yard - what an oasis you have created! Thank you for sharing.

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