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Friday, September 20, 2013

Warning! Some of this months Sweet Salvage post is CREEPTASTIC!!!!

 As I sit here writing this post... it's still 100 degrees outside. It doesn't feel much like Autumn here in the Arizona desert but I am not letting that spoil my Fall like mood!!! It supposed to get down to a cool 89 degrees this week so,  woo hoo!!!

Sweet Salvage was full of yummy fall goodness this month.

 I loved seeing the mums and pumpkins out. Makes me want to start to start pulling out my Fall goodies already!

I just adore this little cuties don't you?

 Last month there was a fabulous card catalog that I passed on. I could just kick myself now, because afterwards hubby said... "aw honey, you should have just bought it. We can put it in the storage unit until you are ready for it. "  What?????? Are you kidding me???  Seriously I was kicking myself!
Anyway, these two beauties are fabulous too. I just haven't gotten over the loss of that other one. :(

 So unique!!!

 This tablescape was amazing in person. The natural trunk table looked like a giant toadstool sitting on the dining table.

I loved this hanging birdcage. There are so many cool things you can do with them!!

 Okay... now the creeptastic stuff begins, so if you are not a fan of Halloween, proceed at your own risk!!!!

 It's just disturbing right???

Cindy... this whole room reminded me of you!!

This is my favorite photo!! Its soooo creepy!! (What that says about me, I don't know. :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the fall season!
I'm already seeing tons of pumpkins and leaves on Pinterest!!


Maureen said...


Oh not about the spooky stuff... about your temps!

J/K... those displays are awesome! I just love Fall and Halloween. Drooling over the card cabinets and huge bird cage!!! So wish I were there to buy them.

BTW, we're getting frost tonight. So yeah, Fall has definitely arrived up here!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I don't know why...probably need therapy...but the doll parts remind me of the Twilight Zone!!

American Cottage Antiques said...

Hi Karen, like you Fall is my favorite time of year, the weather starts to cool a little, my Liquidamber tree starts to lose it's leaves, also, like you I love Halloween, I've been holding off getting my boxes out to decorate.
Your post has inspired me, plus the weather is cooler, we're sitting in a fog bank along the California coast. Sunday I might have time to drag up decorations, thanks for the inspiration! Mary

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Isn't that cruelty to dolls? ;-)
I like the last photo too, the word macabre comes to mind.

Marfi-topia said...

Adore this post!
I love the trunk table , it really does look like a toadstool!!
The creeptastic photos are incredible:)
I hope you find the card catalog of your dreams soon.
I'm in love with birdcages.. Teeny ones and giant ones!
So so much inspiration in this post.
Thank you for sharing!

time worn interiors said...

I would love to visit Sweet Salvage some day! Thank you so much for the tour!

Unknown said...

love your posts, they are so inspiring and creative! Thanks!

Paula Parrish said...

What a great collection of vintage goodies. This post reminds me that I need to get busy decorating for Fall. I see another card catalog popping into your future very soon, no worries. ;o)

Krisha said...

What a great place to wonder through, lots of temptation too. I love the way they decorated it for Halloween.
Fantastic photo by the way.

Laura S Reading said...

I am slowly scrolling the post, thinking how wonderful your job is, how I'd love to explore the places you do. Then we get to creeptastic.

I must share this post with doll loving friends!

Vicki Boster said...

Karen- this just has to be the most fun place to spend the day!!! The photos are so lovely-- they always are. They did a wonderful job with the Halloween theme!! I love all the spiderwebs:)

I'm already looking forward to the Christmas display :)


Ps- did you get my email?

This N That said...

It's fall Karen..(tomorrow)get that stuff out..Mines out ..couldn't wait..My favorite time of the year..I always envy your trips to Sweet Salvage..Thanks for sharing..

This N That said...

I just love Sweet Salvage any season..It's Fall..get that stuff out Karen..I couldn't wait..Decorated last week..It's my favorite season..I commented on this post before..Don't know what happened to it...

The Old Elf said...

We have the same weather temps here in Bakersfield,CA as you do in AZ. Everytime you post something from "Sweet Salvage" I "virtual shop"...I picked out about 32 times...including that small chest of square drawers and the chest with many small narow drawers. I would love to purchase those items I 'picked out'...however.... Thanks for always doing a great job with your camera in bringing such great posts to us. It's supposed to get down to 76 here by Sunday...I'll believe it when I FEEL it. Warmly, Mary (The Old Elf)

ImagiMeri said...

Great stuff, I almost stopped by there yesterday, but since I'm trying to get rid of stuff it wouldn't have been a good idea. When are we gonna do lunch or something again?


cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

your post made me smile today Karen. i'm home from the hospital and I have a post to share next week. it will be creepy.

hugs cindy@stitches

Rhonda said...

It 's Sunday and it finally cooled down a bit. Loving it. Adore your tour of Sweet Salvage, gonna try to make next months for sure.

fairyrocks said...

Good thing its the Halloween season, because I do turn the most unappealing shade of envy green every time I see these posts....Love those cabinets!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun place to peruse. I love the "What's your poison" vignette. Great post!

Mom E. said...

Totally creeptastic, Karen!
Awww, about the card catalogue....I would LOVE one of those too, and that dresser with all those drawers...oh my eye teeth are just ready to jump out of my mouth....and then I'd fit right into the creepy pictures myself! **big sigh**, don't know if I will EVER find a pieces of furniture like those two...but I would sure LOVE one of them!
hugs and thanks for showing us!

Unknown said...

sevgiler bahcemden:)))))

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