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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet Salvage- Where in the World?

Yesterday I went for my monthly visit to Sweet Salvage. The theme this month...Where in the World?? It was a lovely visit as I traversed the globe, all while never really leaving home. :)  There were many wonderful places to visit. England, Italy, France and even Africa to name just a few.

Here are some pics of my favorite places that I visited!

Out first stop... Sweden. Think Jeanne de Arc magazine. Lovely light neutrals made for such a sweet and calm setting.

 Someday I would really love to own one of these old, beautiful ladies.

 My favorite color combination. :)

 Among many other things I love to collect are linens.

I pick them up whenever I feel the need. The older the better and if they have lovely handmade lace on them... Well.... (sigh)

 Now add old linens to a lovely old chair and that's a great photo!!!

They always have such great chairs and pillow there!

 Bleached coral is just so pretty don't you think???

 I swear one day I'm gonna do something like this just for a display. I just get happy when all see that string grouped together like that. (weird. I know)

 This is one addiction I haven't succumbed to yet!!

This little cubby cabinet was fabulous. In fact I love everything in this photo!!

 Now we are off to French Quarter of New Orleans! It's very ooh la la!!

 I was definitely attracted by bright shiny objects in this cabinet!!

 These sacred hearts were lovely.

Okay... again, is it weird that I find this really cool???

 My last favorite place was seaside. Pick a beach, any beach and I would most likely be a happy camper.

 Lovely color.

It was all just very cool. :)

There is definitely something for everyone's taste at the show this month. If you want to see more... you need to go there!!! I wish I could show you picks of everything but my blogs just not big enough.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites.

Next week, I'm finally going to get around to showing you the fun we had at the Affair at Downton!!


Mari Mora said...

Es todo realmente encantador. La combinación de colores, preciosa.
Un saludo.

Art and Sand said...

I would love to visit Sweet Salvage one day.

Marfi-topia said...

How amazing!
Would love to go there one day:)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thanks for the tour...lovely images!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Karen
Sweet Salvage has something for everyone and my favorite stall is the French Quarter! Just gorgeous besides all that beautiful linen!

sweet violets said...

Lots of eye candy!!! Love the deer with the strands of pearls.....strange???

Unknown said...

Hi Karen,
finally got around to some more of the blogs at the GYB party - thanks for the tour, I have just bought a salvaged mannequin - have called her Kevin- don't ask ... and I intend to try out some decoupage - Kevin has a polystyrene body, so I am going to have a lot of fun - and hopefully, one day she will look like she belongs on your blog :)
Neena, Caprilicious Jewellery

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