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Friday, February 20, 2015

Sweet Salvage-Rustic Luxe

This weekend is the Sweet Salvage sale. I always look forward to going because there is so much vintage eye candy all in one place! One of my favorite things about the new building and layout is the addition of a courtyard area that is filled with yummy garden accessories and greenery. 

 This Arizona girl loves all the architectural goodies, wrought iron and pretty plants! Really, anything that doesn't look like the desert!

 I could just sit out there and watch all the activity all day if they would let me!!

 There are always pretty garden goodies inside too!

 This week I found several amazing storage pieces that I was drooling over. This one in particular was my absolute favorite! It is stunning dont you think???

This is an artists dream.
 This one is a little industrial for my taste but it's still fabulous.

 Love both of these!!!
 The warehouse is always a little more rustic than inside Sweet but it's all still beautiful.

And as always I'm attracted to chippy, white anything!!!!!

 I adore Marmalade jars! The graphics are just too cool.

 If I had room on my kitchen counter I would love to own one of these.

 Yes, please. I'll just take it all!

 Isn't this sooo clever and cute?

Bling to make your heart sing!!!

 This cabinet and what's inside just makes my insides all bubbly (in a good way! LOL!)

Can you say "Fabulous" ????

 Everything I love...

And finally, this blue table is so wonderful. I hate that I have no room left for anything else in my house!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! See you soon!


Joani said...

Thanks for sharing. Have never been there and should make an effort.

NitkaDesign said...

OMG! So many great things!!! I really don't know what I like the most because all of the stuff is just fab!!!
Maybe it's good that we don't have so many places like that in Poland because I would go bankrupt for sure!
Thanks for sharing! It's always a great inspiration!

Joy Junktion said...

I have had to put a 'halt' on my shopping until I use more of the items I have squirreled away! But, oh how I Love Sweet Salvage!! Thanks for sharing these great photos!

Lady Locust said...

Garden statuary is always so wooing to me. And that chess game is brilliant!
What finds.

sweet violets said...

There's no more room in my home either....but I still get a thrill looking at neat stuff, thanks for the tour!! hugs...

Mari Mora said...

¡Qué suerte poder disfrutar de todas estas cosas tan encantadoras! Me gustaría mucho tener uno de esos muebles de cajones tan maravillosos.
Un saludo

Nath said...

Waouh ! It's a fabulous ... I love a lot of thing ! We haven't this shop at home but perhaps it's a good thing because I can't sold all I love !

Debbie said...

Omgosh! this is amazing! So many things that I would have loved to bring home. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful images.
Excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my face.

Jeanie said...

Sigh. Really, that's all I can say right now... sigh.... or maybe, "Ahhh!"

Unknown said...

Love it!!! I am "purging" right now so no buys for me yet,but I love when you share their photos. So proud of this Arizona biz!

Rhonda said...

I would love to go this weekend...I just might sneak over there.

It all is so dreamy and gives us Arizona gals something to dream about.

Bohemian said...

Yes, this was one of my Fav Themes... Eva Gabor meets Vikings... sounds like The Man and I for sure! *Winks* I too drooled over that Vintage Hardware Spinning Storage Unit of Brett and Mykos... if only I had more room... and money... and didn't need to purge so much excess at Home already... *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

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