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Friday, May 29, 2015

Did that just happen??? My photo shoot with Fifi O'neill!!

 Last Sunday I had the honor and privilege of meeting two very talented people. Fifi O'Neill and her photographer Mark Lohman. They came to my house to do a photo shoot!! I can mark that off my bucket list!!

 It was really cool watching them work as they staged each room to be photographed.

 I loved being able to see my house from someone else's eyes!

 As each photo was taken, it's image would show up on the computer screen and Fifi made changes to each vignette until it was just right for the photo.

 They were here all day, but I think some of that was because both Mark and Fifi took frequent snuggle breaks with Jasmine and Rocky!!!

I mean, really... one has to keep their priorities straight right??? LOL!

Unfortunately I am unable to share the photos that Mark took until the magazine comes out. I think it will be in Romantic Country in December but don't quote me on that! There are several possibilities so I will let you guys know as soon as I do!

In honor of the photo shoot (and while my house is still REALLY clean) I thought I would share pics that I took myself of the house. They aren't nearly as good as the ones Mark took. He made my somewhat dark house look bright and cheery!!!

 Many of you have seen the house before but in case you haven't or you want to see it again here we go! This is the front Living room. It is the brightest room of the house.

 I've recently added some pops of aqua to the mostly neutral color scheme. I really like it!

This is one of my favorite views in the house. I just love all the architectural stuff and my Howe scale sign.

The dining room is between the living room and the kitchen. Unfortunately my sweetie uses this room more as his makeshift office than we use it to dine in!

 This is the family room and the room we spend most of our time in. I have slipcovers on everything because when you have furry children sofas get dirty!!

Comfy chairs are a must have in our house!!

 Being in Phoenix doesn't give us much need for a fireplace. I like having a  mantle but didnt like the big black hole from the firebox, so I made a ruffled curtain and tied it to the iron gate.

 My collection of English Marmalade crocks is growing!!

 I love my collection of ironstone pitchers too.

I cant seem to stop collecting them!

 The kitchen is one of my favorite room because it has sooo much natural light and gives me a view of my garden.

This color just makes me happy!!

 This is my bedroom. I love the old doors used as a headboard. The duvet cover came from Restoration Hardware and I got it when it was on close out. It is linen and just keeps getting softer with every wash.

 I actually use this fireplace in the winter, but during the summer there is no need to see the big black hole!!

I always wanted a cream and grey bedroom, and now I have one!!

This is my office space on the other side of the two way fireplace. I would show you the desk and computer but I think I'll save that for the Where Bloggers Create party coming up in July! I will be making the announcement on those dates very soon!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tour! I must say thank you again to miss Fifi and Mark. They made what could have a been a very stressful day very fun and enjoyable!!


Anonymous said...

I love your home and your blog!

Cyn said...

pretty as usual!!! Love that you have a fireplace in your room that is neat and a rare find in arizona!!

jeanniemc said...

Congratulations on your photo shoot with Miss Fifi and Mark! Have enjoyed their photos of other bloggers I follow and can't wait until the magazine comes out! Romantic Country is one of my favorite magazines! For some reason, I did not get all your post on my iPad so had missed some but now am caught up! Loved your trip to PA--junkin is just different in the Midwest and East and you really got some neat stuff! Have to go to the shop again as I have wanted one of those chicken wire cloches...Again, congratulations on your photo shoot!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

First...CONGRATS on the feature!!! Thanks for the tour of your home...it's soooo very charming.


Jasper's Cottage said...

I'm going to say this on Facebook too - that is so awesome! Your home is beautiful, it's no wonder that Fifi wanted to photograph it. I can't wait to see it in the magazine! jonni

Joy Junktion said...

What a fabulous honor and a super fun day! I can't wait to see the magazine when it comes out! Your home is lovely, I'm not surprised they chose it! Have a super weekend! Blessings, Cindy

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh, Karen- how marvelous for you...couldn't be happier about this great news.

Can't WAIT to see your home in print - those two Fifi and Mark make an awesome artistic team to be sure!

Love your home, your pups - congrats!

One Shabby Old House said...

Congratulations. Everything just looks fabulous. How excited you must be and what a priviledge. You're famous now. lol

Tea in the Library said...

Congrats! Enjoyed the tour. It must have been quite an exciting day. Glad they appreciated the fur babies.

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!!! That is awesome !!! Your house looks spectacular!!! I miss my jasmine and rocky snuggles:) let us know what magazines... So I can go buy it:)

Karen B. said...

Oh my Karen,
that is so amazing!!! You must be over the moon and back! Your home is so beautiful!!

Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Beth Leintz said...

Love it- there are so many pictures that made me stop and stare- the silverware framed in the dining room, the collage of dog photos. Your whole house looks very soothing and relaxing-and congrats on the photo shoot, looking forward to seeing it in print!

marilyn said...

Love your home. Thanks for the tour. I like that tablecloth on the dining room table. I've never seen one like that before.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Congrats on the photo feature! That is awesome. Great photos of your house that you took too~

Sherry said...

I loved the tour of your home. How exciting to have your home photographed. I am inspired to get some things done at our house. I am going back to take a closer look for more inspiration.

Linda Willson said...

Dear Karen:

Romantic Country is my favorite magazine and now you're going to be in it! I am thrilled for you! Your house looks absolutely beautiful--no surprise there. That Fifi is a talented girl and that's why she has the best houses in her magazine. Congratulations my friend!

Blessings and hugs, Linda

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Be sure and let us know which issue the photo shoot will be in! I'm anxious to see it, though your own photos look lovely and wonderful. I'm more of a person who wants color everywhere... but your beiges, whites and grays are so so calming.. makes me want to change things up in my house.... at least the bedroom. I LOVE the pops of aqua here and there, and especially in your kitchen... everything made me want to stop and look over and over again, even though I've browsed through your home photos before. Congrats on this special occasion!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So exciting, Karen! I can't wait to see your home in print. You must have been pinching yourself to make sure it was really happening. Your house is so pretty. I love all your furniture and the slipcovers on them.

I was just thinking about the Where Bloggers Create party today and wondering if you were going to continue it. I've been trying to get myself in gear to straighten things up for pictures. Not that much has changed from last year, but it's always fun to participate and visit everyone else's creative spaces.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a lovely, lovely home. It looks so warm and inviting. Hats off to you!

Christianne said...

Thank you for sharing photos of your home. It's lovely--all of the vintage architectural decorations and the way each room is true to your style and flows together. I'm truly impressed and a bit jealous. It's my first time commenting on your posts. I subscribe to quite a few for inspiration purposes and a lot of times for the sake of time, just delete them unread but I always have to take a peek through yours. Very lovely indeed.

Rhonda said...

Oh how exciting! I saw on instagram that she was in Phoenix. Oh that Jasmine sure is a sweetie. I miss her. Your house looks fabulous!

This N That said...

Congratulations Karen..I love your style..Your home is gorgeous..I can't help to think what a nightmare it would be to clean :) You probably change things around before they get dusty..Have a wonderful week ahead..

Sheila Rumney said...

Love seeing you your home! Isn't Fifi just wonderful? I had the opportunity to meet her when she was at my friend Kelly's Farmstead shooting for Romantic Weddings. Can't wait to see your home in the print!

toves sammensurium said...

Such a beautiful AND clean home ;)))))
And how fun with Fifi in da house!!!!

Art and Sand said...

Congrats on the photo shoot and upcoming magazine story - what an honor.

So many details to comment upon at your house so I will just say - WONDERFUL!

Jan said...

Congratulations! I can certainly see why your beautiful home was chosen to be featured in the magazine. It looks so personalized and welcoming. Would be honored to have your blog among those featured at www.Where Women Blog. Please consider it.

Unknown said...

Karen, I would have been a nervous wreck!!! It sounds like Fifi is as sweet as she appears and such an animal lover too!!! You can just tell she is a good person! Will you please come to Michigan and decorate my house? I swear it is getting warmer now so you wouldn't freeze! Love that you made the curtain for your family room fireplace screen! Can you post a tutorial for the oblong lace covered pillow that graces the chair in your bedroom! I have tons of old lace and doilies that would make a pretty pillow like yours.
Take care and thank you so much for sharing the photos of the photo shoot and of your beautiful home!
Stay cool and I will stay warm,
your Northern MIchigan friend, Teri

Jeanie said...

It sounds like tons of fun but I would have been wild with anxiety! I'll look forward to the issue!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the photo shoot!!! Oh how I would love to have a magazine come and shoot my home. Did they contact you? Your home is beautiful,And I am sure it was really neat to see how the PROS do photos!!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

That's neat! I hope they highlight some of your holiday creations.

Julie said...

Your home is really, truely beautiful. I have a crink in my neck from peering so closely at all your beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing :-) You have inspired me to change some stuff in my home. xx

Bohemian said...

Your Home is so very Serene and Inviting... I'm absolutely sure it is Uber Editorial and will make the Readers Swoon when they buy their Issue of the Magazine that Showcases it! Congrats on Fifi choosing it for a Photo Shoot, can't wait to get my copy... maybe I'll have you do a Celeb Autograph in it! *Smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Your home is just stunning!

Unknown said...

Your home is just lovely! I love what you did over the sofa. My living room is just standard size ceiling height but you really inspired me to try something similar to what you have! I also love your kitchen! Your house is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see it up close in romantic country magazine! Blessings!

lynn cockrell said...

Congratulations, Karen, on being featured in Romantic Homes. I will be looking for this issue, for sure! I have always thought that your home is one of the lovliest I have seen on any of the blogs. It is so serene and sweet looking. The little pops of color you have added are very pretty!

Unknown said...

I found your Blog researching Boho/Vintage/ type Bags. I enjoyed your blog My home was very rustic Folk Art. I enjoy all types of country/farm house etc I ran across the page that Fifi O'Niell did a spread on you. She also did a spread on my daughters home for "Romantic Homes". She has an Etsy site as well as her own Blog. Here is here Blog if you would like to look at it to see why Fifi would have liked to have done the article on her home.
My best to you and your future success
Cotton and Canvas

Unknown said...

Toody here,
Forgot to give you my daughters Blog.
beautiful site.

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