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Friday, September 18, 2015

Sweet Salvage- Rustic Remains

I've been away for far too long. Unfortunately there has been a lot of sad news in my house the last few weeks and I just haven't felt like blogging much. For the time being I'm concentrating on being happy and my visit to Sweet Salvage this month certainly helped. How bad do you want this pumpkin??? Seriously it was huge and too fabulous for words.
 Fall and Halloween were every where in the store.  Thankfully the temps here in Phoenix have been pretty good. It makes thinking about Fall soooo much easier!

 I don't do orange pumpkins, so all the white ones were a treat for me!

I love these colors!

 I collect ironstone and transferware and this P & G wood crate was perfect to hold the beauties they had for sale.

 I think you guys know I have a thing for chairs.

 These were really sweet. I love it when they have real stems. :)

 I also collect old scales, but this one was just too big for my space.

 I don't know what this thing was, but I like it!!

 The tag says this is a Victorian music cabinet. I just know it was super cool!!

 This was another gorgeous piece. This dresser was in beautiful condition and the detail on it was fabulous!

Okay ladies.... I'm warning you now. The photos take on a decidedly creepier tone from here on out. After all... Halloween is coming!!!

 If you love Halloween this show is a feast for the eyes!

 Creeptastic goodies were everywhere and the creativity was endless.

 I love this chalkboard message on the door!

Well that's it for this month's event. Hopefully it won't be 2 months before I say hi again!!


Unknown said...

love that place I must go again. Hugs for whatever sadness is surrounding you!

Sandi Magle said...

How could anyone not be inspired by your favorite place. Sweet Salvage is simply the best and your pictures gorgeous. Sending all the smiles you gave me, right back at you..., thanks, Sandi

Oliva Ohlson said...

Sad to say, but I've been to this place. Once I get back to town I must visit Sweet Salvage.
Keeping you in my prayers.

Createology said...

I do pray your sad news has come to a stop. Life is never easy but we have the ability to see the best in each day. I recently saw a great tag line...Today is a Good Day to have a Good Day. That is what I am striving for. Love seeing all your photos of wonderful treasures. Blessings Dear...

sweet violets said...

Hah....that quote is from....'Hotel California' by the Eagles....what a great group!!

Hope you find comfort for your sadness.....xoxoxo

MARIEN said...

Mucho animo!!!
Son unas imagenes preciosas!!! Hace tiempo que te sigo!!
Besos fuertes,desde España!!

Bohemian said...

I'm so sorry Karen to hear that you've had Sorrows at your house... but Glad you are making a comeback from them to Enjoy the kickoff of the Holiday Season. And BTW that Music Cabinet is now Mine all Mine! Sure, I blew the entire Monthly Budget in one fell swoop, but some things are worth Sacrificing for, right? *Winks* I too fell in Lust with that one Huge Fabric Pumpkin in Cynthia and Ron's Space, but I'd already gone over the edge with the Cabinet purchase so had to walk away! *LOL* Had to Smile that you don't do Orange Pumpkins, so I thought of you when I saw all of these Glorious White ones actually! Still hoping to get together for that luncheon when we can... have a lil somethin'-somethin for your Ironstone Collection. Dawn... The Bohemian

Mary Noyes said...

Thanks for these great pictures to inspire Fall with a vintage touch. I wish you well from your tough times.

This N That said...

I've missed you ..Hope things are OK..Love, love, love this post..I'm saving it to look at again..Pumpkins are a favorite and yes, not orange..I would have had to have some of those...It's a good thing that I have no place to store things anymore...Love Sweet Salvage and in a way, I'm very thankful they are so far away :)
I time your sadness will mellow...Enjoy the season..

Cathy said...

Looks like a fun place to visit! I just love places like this! I also enjoyed seeing all of the fall-themed stuff. I am so ready for fall!

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

Beautiful displays. I love ironstone as well. I am so sorry about your sorrows. I wish you well. Di@cottage-wishes

Rhonda said...

Good to see you back, Karen. So sorry for any sadness that's occurred. I will type more off blogger. Sweet Salvage is always good. Too bad so many things were going on this past weekend.

I drove up to Rusty Saturday on Sunday morning and wanted to tell you I stopped by your lovely booth. Their store is amazing. Even after spending all day on Saturday at the Junk in the Trunk show, I shopped a bit at Rusty Saturday. Call me coo coo but I did.

Next time, I promise to plan on meeting you. I was so tired from the day before, I didn't know my name, LOL

Linda Walker said...

Gosh I love scrolling through your photos! That music cabinet is extraordinary! I love it! So many pieces I wish I could get my hands on! So sorry to hear you've had some difficult times. Wishing you some happier days ahead.

Jeanie said...

It's all terrific, except for your sad, which I hope lightens up soon so you can fully enjoy the season.

Marilou said...

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry for your sadness, wish I could hug you and make it all better. Your post is awesome and I love the large shabby pumpkin too!!
Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs, know your always loved and prayed for everything good:)
Thinking of you and thanks for Richie's postcard:)
xoxo Marilou

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

What a fun place! I can see why it uplifts you. Hope things are looking up for you!

lynn cockrell said...

Dear Karen, I enjoyed this post so very much! I like all the autumn colors and, yes, I adore beautiful orange pumpkins. Still, I absolutely love pumpkins with softer hues, like the white and more subdued colors of the paler ones and I adore the fabric pumpkins seen in various places, especially the ones that are adorned with lace and tuille. Making some of the fabric pumpkins has been in my plans for several years now and I checked out your tutorial on making fabric pumpkins. It is the best one I've seen so far, so I pinned it and hope to get to work on some soon. Hopefully before the end of October(lol)!

Tea in the Library said...

Very cool. Angels to you, Karen. Sorry to hear it has been a sad time for you.

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