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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Road Trip: Back in Az.

 We made it home from our trip last weekend. I have been trying to get back in the swing of things, catching up on work, emails, bills etc... 
I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who left a comment while we were on our trip. It was so nice to keep you all close while I was away from home. I won't be responding to those comments personally  this time. I just didn't have the time then (or now) but I do want you to know how wonderful it was to receive them all.

Frank Sinatra sings a song where the lyrics go something like..."It's so nice to go traveling, but it's oh so much nicer to go home" I feel exactly the same. The trip was wonderful and I am so grateful we were able to do it. But, coming home to my house was a wonderful thing!!!

The car problems we had a long the way (God watched out for us and made sure we were always close to a repair shop) took us a little off schedule, so we didn't have a lot of time for sight seeing once we left Tennessee.  I already showed you picks from Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, but I thought I would end the "trip" with a few picks of Arizona coming across toward Flagstaff.

 I try to see the beauty in my state, but having grown up here I'm sure I don't appreciate as much as I should. I find it hard to marvel at the scenery when I compare it to the gorgeous places I've been. (I'm just partial to lots of green. Trees and water make my heart swell.) Don't get me wrong...There are some wonderful and unique places here in Az. On a clear day you can see forever. (Unfortunately this day was not as clear as I would have liked.)  :)
I was so happy to get this shot!! It's the perfect representation of the West!

And this is perfect representation of how we were all feeling by the end of the trip!
It's so wonderful to be home!

I'll have a fabulous store to share with you next time!
Have a wonderful weekend my friends


ImagiMeri said...

Welcome back girlfriend! Thank you so much for sharing your trip, I almost felt like I was there, especially with the videos. I didn't have much time to comment during your trip, as I've been very busy with my mom, but I'm starting to get a little time again.

Let me know, once you acclimate, when a good time to get together is. I wanna' do some changes to my blog.....and because you started it, you gotta' be the one to help...LOL

Either come over here, or I'll come to you, just let me know when you're available.


Charlene said...

Glad you're home safe & sound! And I'm with you... WHY DO WE LIVE IN STATE THAT ARE BROWN so much of the time? LOVED all your photos. Good luck with the catch up as I am feelin your pain. Just back from 4 days in the RV with lots of sheets, towels & other laundry. HUGS!

bobbie said...

Welcome home!!

somewhere on the avenue said...

What a fantastic trip and yes its always good to e back home :)

Joani said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed what you shared. It is always so nice to be able to sleep in your own bed! I would like to hear about the restaurants that you tried on your trip....the list from Guy that you had with you. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

bright star said...

Glad your home safe and I did enjoy your trip.It is always good to come home.

Cyn said...

karen you describe arizona just as I do! I loved the pics you took and shared along the way. Tired pooches and tired peeps. Welcome home!

Shirley said...

Karen, I love your scenery in your state as much as all of the other pictures that you shared of your trip. I didn't leave you a lot of comments because I wasn't on a computer that I could. The fall of the year is when I love to travel. Glad you are home. Your Missouri Friend.

Angela Richardson said...

What a fantastic trip Karen, I feel as if I've been along for the ride.
Although, there truly is 'no place like home'
Hugs, Angela.

Sheila Rumney said...

Welcome home. So glad you are back safe and sound. Love your picture of you sweet puppies all sacked out!

Lori said...

It's so good to know you made it home safe, Karen. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of your trip---they were gorgeous pictures. I felt like I was on the trip with you! I live in Maine where the foliage here can be quite spectacular, but for some reason, this Fall it was kind of drab. Can't wait to see what else you have to share with us.

Gypsea Nurse said...

Glad you are home safe.. I was just out there to see my father.. and hit a major dist storm! Ugh!
Your photos are great! And I love the scrolly frames!
Cricket @ gypsea nurse

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Karen,
Such lovely vacation photos! And such sweet doggies you have!

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your words of comfort on the passing of my mother. It is so very greatly appreciated.



Isola Country said...

Che paesaggi incantevoli....grazie al tuo blog(scoperto per caso) i miei viaggi ad occhi aperti si arricchiscono ancor meglio

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