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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yummy Prizes and Altered Books

 Several weeks ago I entered a giveaway at Karen B's blog, Todolwyn. The prize was yummy, but to be honest, I didn't expect to win, because... well,  I rarely win anything! But I got a wonderful surprise a week or so ago when she announced that I was indeed the winner! Yea me!!!! I love what she gave away because it was sweet supplies that I can use to create fun projects.
I love already inked tags because I can never seem to get them to look the way I like, and the pins are super cute!

 I have become a bit of a trim and lace junky since playing with altered books and these are just perfect little trims! And of course, the presentation is so lovely I will probably leave them on the tags and display them until I need to use them. :)

The book pages are fab because they are in German. I don't have any in German and the font used is ornate and lovely. But my second favorite thing are these wonderful rusty hinges. I will use them in another altered book very soon. Thank you so much Karen! ... And speaking of altered books.... 


Remember last month when I showed you this photo and said I was working on a new project???

 Well this is the finished (well almost finished) result!!! I had sooo much fun making this altered book, I want to make more!!

 (Unfortunately I couldn't really take horizontal shots of these, but if you want to see any of them bigger, just click on the photo.)

The theme for this book is Words to Live by. The inspiration started in two ways...
The first inspiration was seeing the photo of Lisa's FABULOUS book that she will be teaching at paper cowgirls. I had seen altered books before and I had always planned on doing one, but when I saw Lisa's I knew I couldn't wait. I had to get started making my own!!
The second inspiration was Pinterest. I have a board called "Words to Live By" where I am collecting inspiring and motivational quotes to try and always remember and keep in my heart.
I thought it might be nice if incorporated some of my favorites in this art book.

 This page still need the poetry or quotation added to the tags.

 Sometimes I have a hard time using my vintage supplies in art pieces because I worry that I won't be able to replace them, but I bit the bullet and used them with abandon in this book.
This is the last finished page. I have one more to go and it will be completely finished. I am so excited to be finally taking one of Lisa's classes. I just know the techniques I will learn from her will help me finish the last page. And of course I'll be coming home with a brand new book to add to my collection!
So tomorrow I am off on a plane to Texas to teach a class, take some classes, meet some old friends, make some new ones and generally have a fabulous time! I have wanted to do this for a couple of years now, and time has finally come! Yea!!!!
I will try to take lots of pics and blog along as I go, but you know how things are... we ( I ) get so caught up in what we're (I'm) doing... sometimes I just forget!!
So until I see ya'll again (that's Texas speak for all of you) have a wonderful week, count your blessings everyday, and smile because you are all very special!


Barbara Jean said...

Totally awesome journal!!
Love it!
lucky you. =)

barbara jean

StasaLynn said...

Beautiful altered book!

Safe travels and not that I need to say this - but HAVE FUN!


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Karen, you won some great treasures! And your altered book; it's fabulous. I had never heard of this before and with each photo I'm thinking wow, look at this until I see the next one and start all over again.
Have fun in Texas!

ANNE said...

Congrats!! Love your prizes!!!

Queenie Believe said...

What beautiful treasure you received, enjoy! Your altered book is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your trip and teaching in Texas!!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

Charlene said...

Love your new book! Cindy told me about it & it is really pretty. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Have a safe flight! HUGS!

Sandra Kaye said...

Hey Sweets.. Cool winnings!!! Have fun in Texas!! I will miss ya!! big squish!!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Always exciting to Win! The book is awesome~Cheers Kim

An Oasis in the Desert said...

The altered book is fabulous! Doing that is one of my "someday" projects!

Romeo said...

Absolutely, positively fabulous!!!! Yes, oh yes - "she" suffers from the what-if-i-use-that-and-never-find-another sydrome. And here I thought "she" was the only one! Well maybe your book will encourage "her" to actually use some of that stuff. Otherwise, I think I might just set up a museum and collect entry fees to enhance my snack jar. Because nothing in there sits around very long ;)

I hope you are having a grand time in Texas!!!!


Romeo and "her"

Annette said...

beautiful I have to make one of these, I always thought oh to foo fooie but nope one is in my head now. Welcome to Texas this is where I am. We are a friendly bunch. xoxox

Unknown said...

Love your creative style!!! Beautiful work!

Faded Charm said...

Hey, I finally had some timeto sit down and comment today...thanks t oall this nasty snow:-( Anyways, congrats on your wonderful win and that altered book is fabulous!!!

Hope all is well....enjoy that sunshine for me:-)


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Congratulations! And I am loving your new header!

margits bastelstube said...

what a beautiful post your works are wonderful!
thanks for show.
many greetings from austria

margits bastelstube said...

what a beautiful post your works are wonderful!
thanks for show.
many greetings from austria

Unknown said...

Great win Karen and beautiful altered book. Have fun sweetie and stay safe! Altered books are so much fun, my favorite thing to create! Hugs and enjoy yourself:) Marilou

suziqu's thread works said...

Congratulations on your beautiful lace and tag winnings Karen. Your new altered book is one you should be so proud of - it is looking gorgeous and well done for using some of your precious pieces in it too. Are you selling this or keeping it?
I have a sneek look at my new almost finished Bird/Spring journal on my current post!
Wishing you heaps of fun in Texas!
Love and hugs,
PS Now for a closer look at that new journal of yours!!!

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Karen,
Have a wonderful time on your trip.
I'm sure you will have a ball!!
You book is divine.
Hugs, Angela.

Monica said...

You go girl! Have fun fun fun!

Unknown said...

What a fun treasure to win.Im sure you will find some beautiful place to incorporate it in. Your altered book is gorgeous. Have fun on Teas. Sweet Salvage show this weekend. I will have to take some pics for you. Have a beautiful and bright day...Chickie

Unknown said...

You lucky girl, what a wonderful pack of ggodies! And this book....wow....no words my friend, just stunning!!!!!!!!!

Sheila Rumney said...

Gorgeous journal! Have a great time can't wait to hear all about it!

Marti McClure said...

Wow, your altered book is really spectacular! Your collecting of vintage lace is wonderful, and you have used it in such a beautiful way. I love it! ~Marti

Renee said...

Love the book.

Hope you have a great time.

Marlynne said...

I "So Loved" your altered book! I'm working on one also, so Fun! I'm goingb strat over to your Pinterest "Words To Live By" right now! I Love Love Quotes! come visit mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com

Teresa said...

Have fun..!
These books are absolutely exquisite! want to learn how to make these...hint, hint ;)

Miss Gracie's House said...

Have a great time...how fun it will be! Your word book is gorgeous!! I'm gonna check out your board now:)

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Karen- congrats on your lovely winnings-- yes- you will find some wonderful uses for that lace!

Your altered book is a magnificent project- beautifully created and photographed. Each page is a work of art.

I can't wait to read your blog post about your class. I just know its going to be a great time for everyone involved. Good luck- break a leg-- and all that stuff---


Jen said...

HI! Karen, A very beautiful book with its lace pages.Love the page with the tags and the last page shown being white love all white.Nice giveaway prize.
Safe trip.

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