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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Building Beautiful Blogs to the Rescue!

Well my friends, it's happened. The  dreaded (or not) new Blogger interface is here to stay! I must admit, I fought it tooth and nail. Let's face it, change can be hard. We get comfortable in our ways and don't like to have to learn new things. Thankfully, I realized that even though it has a few things that I don't like, the new Blogger interface also has some new really wonderful additions to it. 
So fear not. Help is here. I re-wrote the entire Building Beautiful Blogs book to teach everyone all about the new interface and how to customize Bloggers new templates so they give you the pretty, clean look like the old minima template had.  Are you having problems finding the right template to make that free background you added look great? (It's not the one you think) Do you dislike all the boxes and shadows around your posts and gadgets, but think you are stuck with them because you want to use the free backgrounds. No you don't!! Are your pics and sidebar gadgets all overflowing into the next column? They don't have to!

This book will teach you how to achieve a beautiful blog and you don't even have to edit any html code if you don't want to!

Even seasoned bloggers will find some useful information in here.

I have gotten some really wonderful feedback on this book. I've seen it used first hand to create some really lovely blogs. I so strongly believe in this book, that I am offering anyone who wants to, the opportunity to make a little money with me. I have set up an affiliate program. What that means is, if you help me sell my book, either by putting the button on your blog, or even better, by doing a post about it...you will make $3.00 for every book that sells to a person coming from your site. To do this, you must sign up.

1.Follow THIS LINK, and you will be taken to the site where you can sign up.
2. Create your account
3.Look at option #1. (Jump link) and copy the code you are given there.
4. Send it to me in an email. I will use this code to make your button and send it back to you.
5. Place the button on your sidebar.
6. If you do a post about the book, use the code you were given (the one you send me) as the link to the book.
7. Start earning money!!

Okay, so some things just don't run smoothly. If for some reason, the link does not take you directly to your affiliate page where my book shows up, just click on "Search affiliates products" and then type in Building Beautiful Blogs in the keywords search box. The book will then show up, and if you click "details" you will be taken to the page where you can get the code under Option # 1 Jump Page. (it is the first code in blue) Then send me that code.

WooHoo!! We all win! You make some money, I make some money, and Bloggers all across the world get to learn some wonderful new things. All because of you! Yeah!

(If you already have the BBB ad button on your blog, thank you so much. Now, just follow the instructions above and I'll send you a new button so you can make some money too!)


Denise @English Purple Ribbon said...

Dear Karen~I LOVE your Building Beautiful Blogs book! It is so helpful and easy to understand. Being a brand new blogger, it is so wonderful to have the color-page layout with the arrows to show step-by-step exactly what to do. Thank-you! Denise englishpurpleribbon

Sandra Kaye said...

Hey sweets! Just wanted to say thank you for your wondeful book! I am so proud that I was able to create me new blog all be myself with the help of your book. It looks beautiful now and I love it!! You rock!

Unknown said...

Hi Karen If you want to replace my old button with the new button on my sidebars or send me the button, and you sell e-books from the button that is good for you and I don't mind:) I don't need to sign up, if I ever want another blog I have you but this is great for new bloggers and I will try and blog about it next week:) Hugs and love ya, Marilou

Sandy said...

Oh dear, I guess I am a goob! I can't figure out what "option 1" is or where it is located after signing up and I can't find a "jump link"! Totally not a big deal, I crack myself up, I need a tutorial for everything tech related!

Best of luck on book sales sweet friend!

Unknown said...

Hi Karen, Back again, I forgot to add that I still plan on purchasing your new book as I'm sure it is very helpful and informative as the first one, even though I have my beautiful blogs you custom designed. Hugs Marilou

Charlene said...

This sounds like a great deal!!! Right now I'm having real "ISSUES" with my blog. Getting ERROR messages about "run time/complie time" not matching. Have you heard of anyone else having problems? I can't go into my comments & everything looks "Different"....????????????? HUGS!

Jacqui said...

Thank you Karen for all your help!!

Sea Witch said...

Getting ready to purchase your book on how to keep my sanity with the ever changing platforms that support blogs. I prefer creating my backgrounds and widgets for my blogs and these constant changes in platforms drive me a little nutz at times. As soon as you have link problem solved, I will be sending you what you need to get my button. I will be also be doing a post about your book. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I tried the new Blogger interface last weekend and it was a terrible experience. I had so many problems with my formatting. I almost cried because I just couldn't publish the post like I wanted to. I worked on it for hours and Sunday night, after a lot of searching, I decided to "undo" the whole thing. Is this something you could help me with????
Have a nice evening,
Natacha (from Luxembourg)

Debra Howard said...

Just bought my copy! Can't wait to read it. I have actually been with the new interface for quite some time and I really like it now that I have learned a few ins and outs. It takes a bit but it really is great. Can't wait to learn some more tips and tricks from your new book.

Lily's Lace said...

I'm in, I'm in!! Now what do I do??? Sound familiar??? I know how long it took you to re-do this book, talk about a labor of love! I hate the new format but I knew I would. I'm just glad you're there to hold all of our hands and have a new how to book! I'll help any way I can! xoxox-cindy

Vicki Boster said...

Well now I'm scared---
Just got back from being out of the country for 2 weeks. Just as soon as I get settled back in - I'm buying your new book. I will certainly post about it and place your new tag on my blog. No- you aren't paying me to do this! Thank you for the offer- but- are you kidding me---!! I'm just so grateful for all your efforts!!

My blog means the world to me-- I'm just praying that I can do this. Listening to all the horror stories has me terrified--

Bless you for being here for all of us!

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Thank you Karen for all of your hard work ... I've just purchased my copy and am excited to get to work!!
Jill @ Gypsy Brocante
{aka Elizabeth B Weston}

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

OMG ~ Love this idea Karen, I sure plan on getting the new book, and having a button would be great too~ I hate that dreaded shadow box around the posts & links! I am so tired right now, so hopefully on a clear head, tomorrow I can follow the directions~
Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful website and very inspirational.

SJ Scott said...

I created the account, but I'm not seeing any code...

Great idea, and I hope it works! I look forward to reading your book.

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