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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Vintage Christmas wonderland at Sweet Salvage!

 It was such a feast for the eyes over at Sweet Salvage this month, I could hardly take it all in!

This was one of my favorite vignettes. The little deer statue was sooo cute!

 I love this one too. If I hadn't already purchased a vintage rocking horse from here a couple of years ago, I think this one would have come home with me.

  Christmas whites are my favorite!

Even all the dress forms were dressed up for the holiday!

 Seriously... how cute is this?

Love it!

 This vintage carousel horse was fabulous!!!

 There was much more than just white to be found there too.
Traditional red was everywhere...

 As well as gorgeous aqua.

 And sweet pink!!!

This is another of my favorite pieces from the show.

 Local artist Terry Parvan from Winifred Street was also there with her lovely handmade artwork.

 I love these!

This describes this month's show to a T! I am never disappointed when I go and see the beautiful vignettes that the sweet team put together. If you haven't gone this month yet and you are able... what are you waiting for???


Seawashed said...

It looks wonderful. I love all the whites for Christmas too.

This N That said...

No fair!!! I want more !! Why can't it be closer?? Thanks Karen..Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I see so many beautiful items! I love all the white! The ice skating sign is fabulous too! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I don't think I'd be able to control myself surrounded by such beautiful things. I want it all!

lynn cockrell said...

What a fabulous place! Your pictures are wonderful and really make me feel I am stepping right into each beautiful nook and cranny. I am afraid I would have a hard time prying myself away from there. Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas inspiration!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Everything looks so pretty, Karen! I love seeing it but know that if I was close by I'd be spending quite a bit there. : )

Marrianna said...

Okay, now I'm looking at these vignettes in a different light. I have brush trees that I can put some mini ornaments into, right? I have a couple of those handmade metal crowns that could be decorated for the holidays, right? I really can learn how to create vignettes of my own for my photography, right? Sure I can. What I would really like is lessons on how to create vignettes. In the meantime, I'll look at your fantastic photographs from Sweet Salvage and your space at Rusty Saturday and get ideas.

Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I am VERY glad I am NOT in Phoenix this weekend. Too many goodies that I don't need to buy.

Love your posts, as always.

Happy Thanksgiving, Marrianna

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

My goodness, such a feast for the eyes! Wish I could wander around the booths in person.

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Karen
I love your photos of your visit to Sweet Salvage. This is our second year wintering in Arizona and I attended one of the events last winter. I must say I was a little overwhelmed with all the glorious pieces displayed so elegantly. That day I realized I am not really good with crowds, I should really attend it again while we are here as I love seeing all the photos on their Facebook page as well. The trick will be for me to scoop up the pieces I see along the way as I tried to look around first and got caught up in the crowd and could not get back to the pieces I had adored.
Have a great rest of the weekend and thank you for sharing!

All About Vignettes said...

Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!!!

Tamara said...

Hi Karen..
I always enjoy your visit to Sweet Salvage. Your photos are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


time worn interiors said...

Sweet Salvage is on my bucket list!
Thanks for sharing!


Connie said...

Wow!!! I am on a sugar over load . . . everything is so sweet. I do not know how anyone decides what to purchase when every darn thing is cuter than the next. Gorgeous!

Jeanie said...

A good thing I wasn't there -- I would have clearly been on the naughty list with the VISA people! Gorgeous!

Art and Sand said...

Oh my gosh, I could go nuts there!

I have a question. I am noticing all the blogs that are now requiring word/number verification as yours does now. I have it checked on my blog to not use word verification, but it shows up anyway.

I have googled the problem, but I don't see anything recent about word verification.

Did you add word verification, or is it happening to you also?

Maggie said...

How wonderful! So wish I could spend some time here, but until then thank you for taking me along with you this time.

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