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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sweet Salvage-Color Stories

 I always enjoy my visits to Sweet Salvage. If you are a fan of rusty, crusty iron or shabby, chippy paint you will love the displays that they put together every month!

 I love the mix of industrial and super girly!!! 

 Sparkly crystal and tarnished silver just make my heart go pitter patter!!

Every month there is always something I regret passing on. This teal blue scale was this month's regret.
 Are these not the cutest little shoe forms you have ever seen????

 This whole wall is yummy!! Julie does those wood spool clocks better than anyone I have ever seen!

 These pillows are drool worthy too!

 I love everything in this pic. I could totally live with a modern french country look.

Look at that sweet face!!

 Love it!

 This divided tray is perfectly displayed. I bought a new one at Harbor Freight. I'm going to try and see if I can get it to look like it's been around a while! (I'll let you know how it goes)

 I love this old xylophone used as a tray!!!

 I am a fan of wicker. Not everybody is, but I really like the outdoorsy, beachy feel it gives a room.
And of course if you pair with brown transferware AND ironestone AND Ivy... well it's drool worthy to me.

Amazing architectural window. If I didn't already have one... well, you know.

  You may have noticed that the title of this post was Sweet Salvage-Color Stories, and you are wondering "Hey Karen, where's all the color???" Yes, you have seen a bit of teal, and green, and yellow and of course all the wonderful whites and neutrals, but I haven't really shown any color yet. Guess what? I'm not going to either!! LOL!! Everytime I framed up a shot with all the reds and oranges and purples and blues my palms started sweating and I had a hard time breathing!! (Just kidding!) But, I am defintely NOT a bright color girl. 

Dawn, from Bohemian Valhalla on the other hand, IS a color girl and she has 3 posts full of Sweet Salvage in all its colorful glory on her blog right now. I found it really cool to look at "Sweet" from her point of view because it is so different from mine. If all you get to see is the pics, you might think we were at two different stores, but it just goes to show how there is something for everyone and people can definitely see things differently!


Barbara Jean said...

all wonderful and beautiful.
and I am with you, those colors are a bit too much for me. (although I do love oranges in the Fall)

be blessed

primrosesattic said...

Such beautiful things.

Marrianna said...

You were right about the color differences between your photos and the other blog photos. I saw a few items in her post that would have interested me but I'm still grounded in Flagstaff. I am still wanting to purchase an ornate smallish frame, 8x10 or so, to use in photographs. It doesn't need to be repainted with white distress paint but that would be nice. I always look at your Rusty Saturday booth photos just in case I see one that I want.

Take care, Marrianna

Julie said...

I love your pictures. I like seeing the other colorful pics, too, but would be more likely to bring home things in paler colors. I did enjoy seeing the chandeliers. It is probably best I do not live near this store.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

So nice to meet you Karen. You blog is just beautiful...

Bohemian said...

Oh Girl you crack me up! Palms sweating... and Thanks for the incredible Shout Out. *LOL* It is funny how different the perspectives are behind the Eye of the Lens as we each view the World around us. I suppose that is why Photography Appeals to me so much on a Personal level, it reveals more intensely how we take in and see our Wonderful World. And of coarse I come over here for a Viewpoint of Serenity and Pureness that your Light Ethereal Palette and Eye brings to Life thru your Images and Style. You should go back and GET that Scale! *winks* My regret piece was the Red Head Lady unframed Oil Painting in the Warehouse... Dawn... The Bohemian

Lesley UK said...

Hi there, I've just been over to Bohemian Valhalla, and I see what you mean. But now, I'm totally confused Blessings, I love both styles That's probably why my home looks such a mish mash of styles. Well, it makes me happy! Bohemian Valhalla has joined my 'favourites' list. Blessings

Jeanie said...

Some wonderful finds there -- beautiful things and beautifully photographed. Don't worry about the sweating palms -- these are grand!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I enjoy your visits to Sweet Salvage, too, Karen! : ) Love seeing all their great displays and pretty things. Those pillows are fantastic and I am pinning those for sure!

I will have to go over to Dawn's blog now and see her posts, since you've got me curious as to what she has photographed at the same location. I'm sure we photograph what WE like!

This N That said...

I would have to have those pillows..I'll go visit Dawns blog..Tarnished silver makes me cringe :) So glad I don't have to polish it..I always look at this post several times..Easy to miss stuff..Hope you are having a fun weekend.

Joy Junktion said...

HAHA Karen! I love all of your soft photos! I do love red, but only little bits here and there! I'm so thankful that you share photos each month from Sweet Salvage. I don't know what's wrong with me but I haven't been able to make it up there since last fall, I'm drooling over your photos and chomping at the bit to get up there again! Maybe May! Enjoy the week ahead! Blessings, Cindy

Mimi said...

Meh...stay true to self I say. I'll check out the brights, but I'm with you. Soft and neutral. So calming. Mimi xxx

Unknown said...

tutto meraviglioso!
buona settimana

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Where on earth do you find all these goodies, so many lovely yummy pieces!
The cow painting is so sweet and who doesn't like a big nosed cow :)

I like is the old xylophone, but what I really love is the little rag rug under it (blues and oranges). I wish I could get my hands on that one.

Great finds again, love looking at the pictures you take.

Anonymous said...

As lovely as ever, Karen.
I moved my blog last year, and currently updating my reading list. Looking forward to catching up.

This N That said...

OMG..Renningers!! We used to go there all the time..I live in Mechanicsburg...Small world Huh!! What a great place to snoop around..Looks like you didn't miss much..

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